Runequest Thursday #110 - Andiron Potbelly, Jester Lord of Eurmal!

Clint Staples

Andiron Potbelly is a fool of the first order. and that is exactly how he likes it. He capers and speaks in giberish, is used to dodging rotten apples and stone, and never stops listening.

Because Andiron is also a spy, and a good one. He is devoted to the Soft Breeze faction among the rebellious Orlanthi of the River of Cradles - those who believe it is better to avoid war with the Lunars, which has already been found to be disastrous. Andiron is beyond politics personally, but he is loyal to the leaders of the Soft Breeze, and carries out their directive, at great personal risk, traveling from stead to hall, to Imperial outpost, performing and gathering intelligence.

He has yet to be sent to Brightwater, but that time will come.