Runequest Thursday #101 - Reavers of the Clanking Ruin!

Clint Staples

These lean and deadly metallic carnivores prowl a portion of the deeper Clanking Ruin that has come to be called the Tower of the Devourers by locals who have occasion to refer to it at all. It is pretty much universally shunned by explorers due to the concerted attacks by reavers and their more lightly built side-kicks, raiders. Further afield, raider gangs of 1d8 individuals are sometimes found prowling, eager to fill their conversion chambers with organic material, ideally raw and bloody.

Some believe that the Tower is the point of origin for these creations. Others are less sure. But no one is know to have investigated and returned, and the area is known to be very dangerous and associated with numerous unexplained disappearances . These are generally chalked up to the activity of the reavers, but rescuers have occasionally searched the area and returned, and have some disturbing tales to tell that conflict with this explanation.

If you have read along with Robot Wasteland, you may recognize these fellows. Chapter three drops tomorrow in Fiction Friday!


In a couple of Weeks I will post The Tower of the Devourers - a hi-rise dungeon for the Clanking Ruin!