Rock Rhino

Chris Van Deelen

No. Enc: 1d4 or 5d6 in communities
Alignment:  Chaotic
Movement: 90’ (30’)
AC: 3
HD: 14
Attacks: by weapon or two fists
Damage: by weapon +3d6 (melee weapons only), 1d6+3d6 / 1d6+3d6, or 1 head butt 3d4+3d6
Save: L14
Morale: 6
Hoard Class: 2 melee weapons, 1d3 primitive firearms (35%), VII (95% except artifacts), XXII (communities only, 1d8+3 artifacts, 40%)

Encountering mutant animals who now possess a humanoid form is far from uncommon in the wastelands. Many are the result of genetic engineering, others created through the Uplift virus, and even a small minority are the result of random genetic mutation.

This particular species, if the rumors and legends are to be believed, had at one time been human, well before the end of the final wars. It is said the first member of this species, a man who used the name Rock Steady, had allowed his body to be used as an experiment in order to give him incredible strength and resilience.

The result was a chimera of human and Rhinoceros genetics, creating a hybrid which combined the best of both. Again if legend is to be trusted the original human was not all that intelligent, and it did not improve with his new-found form.

Over the centuries which followed, more and more men – and a few women – allowed themselves to be modified in such a way, creating a new and viable genetic sub-type. They were integrated into the military forces, and due to their natural toughness and strength, many also went into trades that required both.

With the advent of the final wars only a few managed to survive, but thanks to their human heritage, they species did not die out. These beings are fully capable of having sex with humans, and are capable of siring children, or in the case of female versions of these creatures, becoming impregnated. And as such the race was saved from inevitable extinction.

Over the centuries, these beings devolved, losing much of the Intellect their ancestors possessed (which was not much), but retained their aggression and reverted to purely tribal living. A few still use primitive firearms, and a couple like to use high-tech melee weapons, but for the most part they use their brute strength and natural weapons when engaging in combat. Those fighting these creatures find harming them with nearly all physical weapons is difficult, at best. The creatures have a natural damage reduction of 10 against all slashing, piercing and blunt weapons, and this includes bullets. They are still vulnerable to energy-based weaponry and are really vulnerable to mental mutation attacks. Not only are they stupid, they have Will Power score of only 1d4+6.

If there are two things these creatures respect, its combative prowess and strength. Many of those who encounter them in the wastes and have any knowledge when it comes to fantasy literature often compare these creatures to Orcs or possibly Ogres, and they tend to live up to that reputation.

They enjoy preying on those weaker, taking the females for their own personal needs, while killing males, the elderly and children. To make it worse, these creatures have developed a taste for human flesh, so those killed more often than not find their way to the cooking fires in the tribal homes. This is not a genetic requirement, it is simply a taste they have acquired and have no problem ‘feeding’ the desire.

When it comes to treasure, they love it. It is considered a status symbol for them and those who are able to amass the most wealth are looked upon with respect, although this can often lead to envy and jealousy, which can furthermore lead to internal conflict – those with less attacking those with more in order to add to their own fortunes.

Each member of the species, even the females and the young are gruff and abrupt. They have absolutely no concept of etiquette or diplomacy. They say what they want, do what they want and don’t care about potential consequences.

This makes dealing the creatures difficult at best, and deadly at worst. Trading with them is all but impossible because the creatures take what they want – by force, if necessary.

They make their homes usually on the open plains, although they have been known to build settlements in hills and thin forests, and prefer to live in the hotter climates such as the former state of Texas.

Mutations: Aberrant form (chimera, natural weapons), damage reduction, increased physical attribute (strength), weak will.

Source: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (Cartoon 1987)