Recycled Weapons Index

William T. Thrasher

October 2013 saw the launch of Recycled Weapons, an exciting new feature detailing scavenged arms and armor for your post-apocalyptic Pathfinder campaign. However, like so many things in the wasteland, it's all too easy for the jury-rigged implements of death you crave to get lost under of flood of other material. To make sure you can always find the content you're looking for, we're created this ever-growing index for Recycled Weapons. Now you can find every scavenged weapon, improvised armor, and patchwork item from the series all in one place. We'll update the index every time we post a new Recycled Weapons feature, so it will never be out of date and you'll never fall behind on the gear you need to survive the radioactive hellscape.

Recycled Weapons Index

Burn Hammer — A heavy warhammer leaking battery acid.

Buzz Bat — A spiked club that packs an electric charge.

Chain Garrote  — When you want to strangle and lacerate at the same time.

Flame Flinger — A heavy slingshot launching canisters of burning fuel.