Recycled Weapons: The Flame Flinger

William T. Thrasher

"You know, I want to set those people over there on fire, but I'm just not close enough to get the job done."

George Carlin

After the collapse of human civilization, nothing gets the job done like fire and lots of it. From purging the mutant undercity to letting the victims of your raids know you mean business, sometimes you just need to light someone up in a blaze of petrol. But with functioning military-grade flamethrowers rare and mostly in the hands of warlords, your survivors need an alternative means of pyromaniacle ordinance distribution. With that in mind, d-Infinity presents its latest recycled weapon, the flame flinger.

Flame Flinger

Name Classification Cost Dmg (S) Dmg (M) Critical Range Weight Type Special
Flame Flinger Simple Ranged Weapon N/A 1d6 1d6 x2 30 ft. 6 lbs. Special See Description

The flame flinger is a hybrid of light crossbow and heavy slingshot designed to hurl flaming ordinance at whatever the user wants to set ablaze. Made from scrap metal, scavenged weapon parts (rifle or crossbow stocks are typical), a lighter, and rubber (surgical tubing is preferred), the flame flinger can technically be used shoot just about any small or medium ammo, but is designed specifically for burning splash weapons. The flinger is typically loaded with a molotov cocktail or "hot soup" - scavenged cans full of burning fuel (petrol, diesel fuel, grail alcohol, etc.). The flame flinger inflicts fire damage and fire-based splash damage. Every creature and flammable object/structure within 5 feet of the target (or target space) must make an immediate DC 15 Reflex Saving Throw or catch on fire (wooden object automatically catch fire).

The following special rules apply to the flame flinger:

  • Creation: A character supplied with the proper materials can create a flame flinger with 1d4 hours of work  and a DC 15 Craft (weapons) skill check. A roll exceeding the DC by 5 or more cuts this time in half. A natural 1 on the Craft check destroys one of the constructions materials (equal chance each or lighter, scrap metal, weapon parts, or rubber).
  • Creating Ammo: A character supplied with the proper materials (flammable liquid and either glass bottles or metal cans) can create ammunition with 5 minutes of work and a DC 10 Craft (weapons) skill check. To minimize bookkeeping, the character can make one Craft skill check per hour, creating 1 unit of ammo for every point by which the roll exceeds the DC, supplies permitting. A natural 1 on the Craft check inflicts 1d6 fire damage on the crafter.
  • It Burns!: Characters and objects set on fire take 1d6 points of fire damage immediately. In each subsequent round, a burning creature must make another DC 15 Reflex saving throw. Failure means he takes another 1d6 fire damage that round. Success means the fire has been put out. As always, a burning creature may extinguish the flames by jumping into a body of water. More information about being set ablaze can be found in the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Reference Document .
  • Reloading: Because the ammunition must be lit to be effective, reloading a