Re-working a BASH Superhero RPG Power - Keen Senses

Clint Staples

What follows is an unofficial modification to the BASH power - Keen Senses.

Normally, when you choose Keen Senses, you define the sense[s] affected [vision, hearing touch, etc] and, for 1 Power Point each, you gain a x3 bonus to Mind when noticing or perceiving with them. So Keen vision for a Mind 3 character, confers a x6 Vision check.

With this re-worked version, you don’t buy a single sense at x3. You buy 3 multiples of x1, that you can distribute as you wish to raise your chance to succeed on perception rolls. So if you want to, you can spend one Power Point for a x1 bonus to Sight, Hearing and Scent, for example. This means that you can tailor things more to suit your character, and you don’t get way out of line acuity of a sense if what you want is just a touch better perception [pardon the pun].

You can also spend a x1 multiple to gain greater enhancement of perception in a limited circumstance, for example - Keen Hearing Underwater. In a limited circumstance the x1 multiple becomes an automatic +10 in that circumstance. So you might have bought Keen Senses 1 for one Power Point – for a water-adapted creature – to get Keen Vision +10 Underwater, and Keen hearing x1/ +10 Underwater, which would mean you would get a bonus to Mind of +10 for Keen Vision, and x1+10 for hearing while underwater. If the circumstance is deemed too common [the campaign takes place in Atlantis, for instance] then that limited circumstance isn’t limited enough to qualify, and you need to rethink things.

Gaining a +10 for Perception means that a hero is automatically going to succeed at the basic level [difficulty 10] in the limited circumstance. But that is cool, since it is obviously important to that hero somehow.