Random Stereotypical Elf Name Generator

William T. Thrasher
Pull up a rune and sit down.

Elf names are too long, too convoluted, and made from too many vowels and soft consonants. They take too long to make up and when they're translated into common, it turns out their beautiful ululations are have the most mundane meanings you can imagine. So when you need an elf name and you need it quick, just roll once on each column on the table below to generate a name in common, with the elf pronunciation in parenthesis. Roll multiple times for longer, more florid names.

d10 First Half/Syllable Second Half/Sylable
1 Silver (Tal) Leaf (Mar)
2 Gold (Il) Wine (Sal)
3 Sweet (Mala) Star (Riel)
4 Flourishing (Im) Sign (Asal)
5 Diamond (Qal) Dream (Ziel)
6 Melodious (Vasi) Waters (Ol)
7 Graceful (Asala) Seed (Drya)
8 Immaculate (Dral) Dawn (Salas)
9 Eternal (Rosi) Moon (Lurial)
10 Disappointingly Human-Like (Ro) Wind (Qora)