Ragnarok Development - Aghlakka, Meretroll Seidrkona and Sorceress!

Clint Staples

Might 3

Health 7

Vigor 13            

+ Tough Hide 1

Agility 3

Physical 6

Defense 15

Move 7

Intellect 2

Coordination 5

Initiative 5

Swim 5

Fate 4

Mental 6

Scan +6

Notice 12

Charisma 0

Social 4

Renown 7


Talents: Darkvision, Large, Terrible Claws, Two-Weapon, Tough Hide 1, Aquatic

Hindrances: Vengeful, Honor Bound, Lame

Magic: Seidr: Alter Fate, Beguile, Divination, Glamour 2; Sorcery (Earth), Elemental Blast, Elemental Manipulation; Shapechanging

Skills: Brawling +6, Midgard Lore +6, Mythic Lore +8, Seidr Magic +7, Sorcery +6, Swimming +6, Influence +4



To Hit









No Parry

2nd Claw





No Parry

Stone Blast





















Right Arm






Left Arm












Right Leg






Left Leg




Talents & Hindrances:

  • Aquatic: This creature is at home in the water. It is able to survive a number of hours equal to its Physical score under the surface and can move up to half its Move score in the water. An additional rank increases the duration the creature can remain submerged to an indefinite period and allows it to move up to its full Move score in the water.
  • Large: You tower over others. You are 7 to 9 feet in height, and weight between 300 and 800 pounds. Your Might does not change, but you can carry or lift twice as much, your reach is +1, and the damage value of all of your melee and thrown attacks is increased by 1. Unfortunately, you are easier to hit than smaller targets – your Defense is reduced by 1.
  • Terrible Claws: Your talons count as War-Claws, capable of inflicting great wounds.
  • Two-Weapon: You can attack with a weapon in each hand, or with two empty-handed strikes or claws (if so equipped). You use your Major Action to attack with your Primary weapon, and your Minor Action to attack with your Secondary. Nominate one attack as Primary. It may occur first or second, according to reach, but has a Wound Threshold as normal for the weapon used.
  • Tough Hide: Each rank grants +3 Armor to all locations.
  • Vengeful: You never forget a slight, and seek to avenge every wrong done to you. Those who commited such wrongs, or any who attempt to prevent your just retribution, you scorn. As an alternative to being generally vengeful, you may be involved in a bitter feud which, when resolved, will remove this Hindrance. In this case you are only Vengeful in this single regard, and not generally so. However, you will spend every effort to triumph in your feud.
  • Seidr, Sorcery and Shapechanging: See the entries in The Eldritch World for these.
  • Honor Bound: Aghlakka will stand by her word and keep an agreement to which she has committed. If she was forced or coerced into the agreement, she may be very perverse about exactly how she fulfills her bond, but she will treat fairly with those who deal fairly with her.
  • Lame: Aghlakka’s right leg is lame and affects her ability to walk. She is still as fast as most men, and her swim speed is unaffected.


Since I am, unfortunately, unable to attend tomorrow's show (After having suggested the title), I decided that I should not be exempt from the activity, and created a singular monster for the episode - and a monster that will appear in Ragnarok: Worlds' End when the RPG come out in print.

Brendan Cass and I have created a pretty terrific section of fell foes and terrible beasts with which the folk of the Ragnarok must contend. But one of the things that I wanted to do for this challenge is make a particular monster instead of a "generic" form of one - the statblock version, if you will. So I took Brendan's write up for the Meretroll, an amphibious variety of troll that likes to inhabit meres, lakes, pools, and marshes, even brackish tidal pools, and add a background and personality. So we have Aghlakka, who may serve a number of roles in the setting depending on the needs of the campaign: Mastermind, villian, wandering monster, locale based monster, consultant mage or authority, even a mentor for the right (or wrong) player character.



Aghlakka is a Meretroll sorceress and seidrkona of considerable skill, who lives in a cave beside an upland tarn called Svartlag, a day’s ride from the settlement of Hasafel. This tarn has a reputation for large and fierce but tasty salmon, but also for mishaps, bad weather and massacres, such that few risk its waters or shores. Those who do not encounter Aghlakka, may find one of her “seasoning” caches: hollows dug out of the rocky shores and banks of Svartlag where she stores and ages her hapless prey. To know something of Svartlag and its fell inhabitant, players may roll against Troll Lore (Difficulty 14), or Monster Lore or Regional Lore: Vastrgautland (Difficulty 16).


Though not overly large by troll standards Aghlakka still looms over the tallest men, and has acquired a reputation for being cunning, ruthless and vengeful in the extreme. Tales also tell of her being approachable by someone bold enough, and such heroes sometimes can gain her magic, advice and foretellings, in exchange for some service or prize. This must be done with great care, so as not to offend the volatile troll, but Aghlakka is known as a creature of her word (Troll Lore: Difficulty 16, or Regional Lore: Vastrgautland or Monster Lore: Difficulty 18). She sometimes wears the kirtle and panels of female Scandernan dress and often wears a kerchief holding back her tangle of iron grey hair. Whether this is done to allay the fears of those mortals who choose to visit or not is not known. Few have had the temerity to ask.


Aghlakka’s cave is hollowed into a rocky headland overlooking Svartlag from a low cliff the height of a man above the inky water of the lake. A narrow cleft in the rock face, with numerous sharp projections that do not trouble Aghlakka’s scaly skin, opens up into a surprisingly large and roomy cavern with something of the appearance of a mortal crofter’s cottage: A bed (suitable for her size), shelves and tables, a huge loom leaning against one wall, with a tapestry, details indistinct in the shadows, running the warp, fist-sized weights of stone hanging near the floor securing the loose ends and a sword-shaped beater stuck between the strands of warp and weft. A smokey fireplace built into a hollow in the far wall, a pot beside it on the hearth. The crooked length of a straw broom leaning against the side of the fireplace, next to a covered beer vat. Suspiciously long, slender hams hang amid an assortment of knives and other implements from rafters of gleaming red heartwood projected from the rock of the cave wall. The only seat is near the fire, a broad seat on three legs, with an upward curving back, covered in layers of sheepskin. The floor is strewn with moss, but few mice would dare to  huddle so near the troll-wyf.


Aghlakka is an accomplished shapechanger. It may be that she can adopt more than one seeming, but she can certainly transform into a lovely raven-haired beauty with white skin, grey eyes and rose red lips. She sometimes does this to disarm or seduce, but rarely keeps the shape for long, and prefers not to “hunt” in this way. There are tales in the region of a lovely seidrkona who lives alone in the wilds. Few are aware that the stories refer to Aghlakka in her other shape. Aghlakaa’s Glamour spell is more than sufficient to affect minor appearance differences.

Aghlakka is able to call upon  Fenrirwarg of greater than average size, which she can ride to war or when travelling. What's a Fenrirwarg? You will have to wait for Rarganrok: Worlds' End to find out.


Below is the entry for Meretrolls from the Men and Monsters section of Ragnarok: Worlds’ End:

Meretrolls are also called Nykr or Nokk, though these words were sometimes used indiscriminately to refer to any monster than inhabited water, whether that of the sea or of rivers, lakes and meres. Meretrolls are among the fiercest, and most hateful of mankind, as evidenced by the infamous Grendel and his equally terrible mother, though in truth Grendel was the result of his dame’s dalliance with a seatroll she held captive for a time.


Stories abound of meretrolls waiting in ambush under the water, to surge forth, pulling a hapless fisherman or swimmer to a gory death. Indeed, some mere trolls became so dangerous that the waters they inhabited acquire legends that drive away all but the brave or the foolish.


Meretrolls are adept swimmers, can remain submerged for extended periods without the need for breath or movement, and often make their lairs in low hollows along the banks of rivers. Others, however, prefer something more grand, constructing entire subterranean halls accessible only through the water in which they abide and hunt.


Mere trolls are between 7 and 9 feet in height and lanky, habitually hunchbacked, with long arms that end it wicked talons. Their skin is mottled in green, brown, gold, and silver scales, much like that of a great fish. Their feet are usually large and taloned as well, with webbed toes. Some have hair of black or iron grey, which is often sodden and occasionally tangled with bits of underwater vegetatyion or the occasional small fishbone. Meretrolls have prow-like hooked noses and jutting, upward-curving chins that threaten to meet, yet do not inhibit the use of their jagged, spine-like fangs, perfectly adapted for snaring fish, but equally adept at tearing the flesh of men. A mere troll’s eyes are a bottomless, pitiless black.


Few mere trolls use tools, but there are among them a small number of potent mages, usually sorcerers of earth or water. Mere trollborn are rare, but not unheard of. They are generally as terrible in thought and deed as their sires, are sometimes shapeshifters, and commonly have been taught a spell or two by their dames.