Ragnarok: Age of Wolves Tie-In to Ragnarok: The Great Winter Live Campaign!

Clint Staples

This Thursday, we will play the fifth episode of our ongoing Ragnarok: The Great Winter RPG live campaign! The Player Heroes have gained experience sufficient to Advance, but they have been given another mission to carry out before they have the time to learn from what they have done. They must return the Rimecold Heart (retrieved from the one who took it last session) to the Huldrfolk in order to avert the curse that the Huldr Queen set upon Hasafel.

For no particular reason, I decided that I would convert the Player Heroes from the RPG to Ragnarok: Age of Wolves the Skirmish game. Converting RPG PCs to Age of Wolves is fairly straightforward, and I have talked about it before.

The key is to remember that a certain amount of the stuff that RPG characters have, or can do, is not really applicable in a skirmish game. SO you don't have to worry too much about the more fiddly details. Based on the Experience level of the PCs, decide on a rank in RAW, choose the Wargear that best fits what they wield, wear, ride and can do, add any spells, or special abilities, and you are ready to go. All Player Heroes are considered Named Characters, so they roll exactly like they do in the RPG, 3d6+ the applicable Rank, and one of the dice is the Wyrd Die, which works exacly as it does in the RPG.

So here are the heroes of Hasafel in RAW terms: Gyda, Steinhard and Svava:



Rank 1: Veteran Human Witan Medium Foot Mage

Move 6”/ Charge 1d6+4”                      Defense: 13                             Health: 2

Attacks: Magic Skill: +1

  • Saex: Class 1, +1 to hit, OK 17.  

Special: New Ability - Witan

  • Witan: A Witan (“Wise One”) devotes herself to the study of both Galdr and Seidr Magic, and gains a runic ability, an extra spell, and the ability to select her spells from a list of spells equal to Rank +2.
  • Witan Rune: Gyda starts the game with a single Rune. Before runes have been allotted to each side normally, Draw two runes for Gyda. Keep one, discard the other immediately.
  • Gyda may choose two spells from the following, for the current battle: Evil Eye, Foretelling, Heal.


Steinhard Trollsmasher

Rank 1: Veteran Bergjotnarblood Medium Foot Sorcerer (Earth)

Move 6”/ Charge 1d6+4”                      Defense 14+1: Shield, +1: Toughness                 Health: 3

Attacks: Magic Skill: +1

  • Hammer: Class 2, +2 to hit, OK 16.
  • Thrown Hammer, +2 to hit up to 6”, +0 to hit up to 12”, OK 16.
  • Saex, Class 1, +1 to hit, OK 17.

Spells: New Spell

  • Create Mound: This spell is a sorcerer’s way of recreating the elemental ability of an earth elemental. Cast in the Magic and Missiles Phase to raise a mound up to 2 inches in diameter. A mound blocks line of sight and counts as elevated ground (+1 Defense in Melee). Bergjotnar and their kin count this as rocky terrain.

Special: New Abilities (Trollbane, Toughness)

  • Bergjotnarblood gain +2 Defense against earth and stone attacks. Bergjotnar and their kin ignore the Charge bonus restriction for charging over Rocky terrain.
  • Troll Bane: When attacking a troll, you may reroll 1 normal die in your attack if you wish. You may accept either result.
  • Toughness: Steinhard is particularly resistant to the effects of damage. Add +1 to his Defense against damaging effects from weapons, spells or other effects, but not against attacks that do not inflict damage (example: Evil Eye targets Defense but does not inflict damage)
  • Steinhard can throw his hamer at range. If he does so, he uses his saex thereafter. He can reclaim his hammer by moving to the area of the target of his throw, and spending a Phase to pick it up. 


Svava the Clearheaded

Veteran (Rank 1) Valkyrie Horsemistress Medium Cavalry

Move 14/Charge 1d6+6”     Defense: 14+1                         Health: 3


  • “Roar” Spear of Storms: Class 4, +2 to Hit, OK 15
  • Thrown Spear: +3 to Hit up to 6”/+0 to Hit up to 12,” OK 15


  • Spell: Alter Wyrd (Reaction)

Special: Magic Skill +1

  • Magic Spear “Roar”: After being thrown Roar returns to Svava’s hand at the start of the Melee Phase, allowing her to fight with it in melee, even if she threw it in the preceding Missile Phase. Roar is magically sharp and deadly (granting +1 to hit, and -1 to OK at all times). During her activation in the Magic and Missile or Melee Phases, Svava may spend a Bonus Die to add storm damage to Roar for the rest of the battle (granting an additional +1 to Hit, and -1 to OK).
  • Shield: +1 to Defense from the Front or left side when in use (included above).
  • Horsemistress: Being mounted grants +1 Wound (which signifies the horse’s life). This is already included above. See “Advanced Mounted Combat” for more options.
  • Spear-armed: If a warrior throws his spear he fights with his sword thereafter.
  • Option: Alsvin: Falhofnir Horse: The Falhofnir are the “pale hooves ones”, mist-grey horses of Asgard, granted to the Vakyrjur for their service to Odin and the Valhall. A falhofnir can attack in Melee: Weapon Class 0, +1 to hit, with an OK of 17.
  • Svava may dismount as Medium Infantry: Defense 13+1, Move 6”. Chare 1d6+4”, Health 2.

NOTE: If you are looking for VIking cardstock figures to play Ragnarok: Age of Wolves, your own RPG or for some other arcane purpose, go get these done by the amazing Amanda Kahl! These figures are all humans, but there are more in the works!!!