Ragnarok: Age of Wolves Bonus Material - Ormlatr - Children of the Wyrm!

Clint Staples

If there are offspring of wyrms like the Drakkar, is it possible that there are other forms as well?  In the Saga of the Volsungs, Fafnir is a dwarven prince who because of his greed for gold, transforms himself, or is transformed, into a dragon. In Ragnarok: Age of Wolves,  Eirik Wyrmson has come to be blessed - or cursed - with the favor of a wyrm. In addition to the gift of a drakkar to serve as his steed, he appears to have been changed by it. So it seems there is some range of form AND transformation associated with wyrms. 

Let us, then, speak of the Ormlatr! The word is a compound of orm (wyrm) and -latr (litter). We can also called them Wyrmspawn or Wyrmkin, but Ormlatr sounds pretty cool too!! Ormlatr might literally be the progeny of a wyrm, hatched from leathery eggs in the bowels of the monster's lair. But technically they also include such creatures as those we have noted above - Drakkar, however they are spawned or created, and even Wyrmfostren like Eirik - mortals who surrendered their will and service to a mighty wyrm. Returning to Volsunga Saga for a moment, it is as easy to postulate that Fafnir gained dragondom from a dragon as it is to think that he transformed purely because out of goldsickness.

What then is in store for Eirik Wyrmson?  Might his transformation, currently confined to a pair of scaly red talons in place of his hands, continue. And what other Ormlatr might be out there already? More fully corrupted, or actual progeny, of a wyrm, that take on some draconic form that is not entirely that of a dragon or wyrm. Here we will present an example of an Ormlatr that is signifcantly further gone into ormdom than Eirik Wyrmson.



Skurthar (Carver) is the named claimed by a powerful and cruel Ormlatr that currently inhabits a small island (called Asken by those nearby) close enough to the mainland of Vastrgautjod that the miles-wide shore-ice has enveloped the rocky island and made it appear more like a rocky tor than a separate land mass. Skurthar claims all the land surrrounding his tower and regularly forces local fishermen to go far out to see to catch seals and whales for his pleasure, holding their families against their return and good behavior. He has no followers at the moment, but might force some locals to defend him at need. Any such count as Carls or Huntsmen. Because of the fear they feel for their families, and the power Skurthar holds over them, any followers of Skurthar count as being under the effects of Fear whenever he is within 12" of them.

Skurthar fares widely, flying or stalking inland, searching out struggling steadings, killing the people there, and adding their valuables to his growing hoard. He is called "carver" in part because he leaves a rather sinous and serpentine Sige-rune emblazoned on the wall or door of any place he has ruined. A few tales say that once he was named Skutr, which might be translated as "tailed" or "stern", but could also refer to the "behind" generally. The head of the last poet who made a flyting to this effect rots prominently in Skurthar's clifftop cave. Other than this, little is known of the ormlatr's background, and his parentage is a complete mystery. His blue coloration is also unusual and may explain his ability to breath forth lightning.

The axe Skurthar carries is as mysterious as the ormlatr himself. It is not known to skalds before being wielded by Skurthar, and is clearly magical. It is heavy enough that only another of his size could wield it. Its broad curving blade is wickedly sharp, and he has been known to use the tip of the upper arc to thrust granting him +1 Weapon Class.

The image for Skurthar is (obviously) winged. But you could use a wingless version of this, or another figure to represent him. If you omit wings, simply ignore the Flying Movement. Awesome paintjob by the incredibly talented Samson! Sculpting by yours truly.


Race and Type: Ormlatr Named Hero (Large)

Move 5”/ Charge 1d6+2                   Defense: 15                Health: 4


  • Strife: Great Axe: Class 4, To Hit bonus: +5 , OK 13; Magical Property: Fated: On a hit you may reroll one normal die to attempt an OK. You must accept the result of the reroll. If your reroll causes a miss, or Wyrd Match (positively or negatively), you are affected by these effects as normal.
  • Tail: Class 2, +3 to Hit, OK 15. If Skurthar is attacked from the rear, the attacker gains all normal benefits from doing so, but Skurthar can smash with his heavy tail as a Class 2 attack, even if he also attacks forward with his breath or axe.
  • Lightning Breath: +4 to hit at Range 6” (Short),  +3 to hit at Range 12” (Long)    TN: Target Defense

Lightning Breath cannot inflict an Outright Kill, but on a Wyrd Success, you may spend the bonus die to add another target somewhere within the same range and roll to hit again. A Wyrd Success on further rolls can grant bonus dice, but not further attacks. If you roll a Wyrd Failure, your ability is exhausted for the rest of the battle.


  • Any in melee with Skurthar are afflcited with Fear.
  • Skurthar's hostages (any carls or huntsmen fighting for him) are aflliected by Fear whenever they are within 12" of him.
  • Elemental Affinity: Skurthar has +2 Defense against Lightning.