Profession (Counterfeiter)

William T. Thrasher
Counterfeiters hard at work on their press.

Profession (Counterfeiter)

(Wis; Trained Only)

You are skilled at producing phony copies of the coins of the realm and passing them off as the real thing. Used by crooks, forgers, and rogues of many stripes, a character with this skill can make money while other professionals make money.

Check: As with all other Profession skills, you earn half your Profession (counterfeiter) check result in gold pieces per week of dedicated work. However, unlike other Profession skills any monies gained in this way are in fact clever forgeries.

Other Denominations: A professional counterfeiter need not limit himself to producing faux gold coins. If the counterfeiter wishes to produce false coins in other denominations, apply one of the following appropriate modifiers to the skill check:
Copper +10
Silver +5
Gold +0
Platinum -10

Special: A counterfeiter may forge paper money and letters of credit in settings where such things exist. Specific bonuses and penalties are left to the GM's discretion, though the monetary value of the paper money should be in keeping with the value of coinage used on most fantasy campaigns.

Special: You may use Profession (counterfeiter) in place of Bluff to pass counterfeit money off as the real thing. Likewise, you may use Profession (counterfeiter) in place of Appraise to identify counterfeit money.

Spotting Counterfeit Money: Anyone who suspects they may have been passed funny money may make an Appraise Skill Check (DC 10 + counterfeiter's skill rating) to spot the forgery.

Convincing Forgeries: At the GM's discretion, a counterfeiter may choose to make particularly convincing forgeries, accepting a -1 penalty on the Profession (counterfeiter) Skill Check for every +1 he wishes to add to the DC of identifying the true nature of any false money produced.