Chris Van Deelen

Chris Van Deelen is the author of the Skirmisher Publishing LLC sourcebook Creatures of the Tropical Wastes sourcebook, co-author of its Wisdom from the Wastelands game supplement and contributor to the 'Sword of Kos: Hekaton' Anthology.

No. Enc: 1d6
Alignment:  Neutral
Movement: 90' (30')
AC: 4
HD: 6
Attacks: 2 or by weapon type
Damage: 1d6+3d6 / 1d6+3d6or by weapon type +3d6 (melee weapons only)
Save: L6
Morale: 7
Hoard Class: VI, VII, VIII, XXII (weapons only)

Ogres are large, green skinned humanoids that like to live quiet lives and just to be left alone, despite beliefs to the contrary.

Physically, these creatures are larger than most average humanoids, typically standing between six and a half feet in height to eight feet, and usually weigh in between three hundred and five hundred pounds. They have uniformly green skin and the males are always bald, having no body hair what so ever, although the females can grow hair, which runs the entire color gambit.

The one feature that sets these humanoids apart from other mutants are their ears. They are long and trumpet shaped, jutting out from the upper sides of their heads. Despite the strange appearance of these ears, they can hear just fine.

They are not by nature evil creatures, unlike what many people would have you believe. They like the simple life, to be left alone to enjoy the pleasures that such a lifestyle brings to them. If found in groups, it is typically a married couple with their children (yes, even these humanoids believe in holy matrimony).

However, if pushed, they can be formidable opponents, having great strength and the skill to use many different types of weapons - everything from clubs, swords and axes all the way up to high tech rifles and other such devices.

Also, if they are pestered, they will often try to intimidate other creatures, usually by being gruff and somewhat verbally abusive, resorting to the occasional roar to try and frighten other creatures away.

But if someone actually does try to befriend one, they are often willing (albeit sometimes reluctantly) to return the friendship and they are then loyal to a fault. Even if the person (or creature) tends to be annoying or have strange personality traits.

They can be found in almost any type of terrain, but they prefer to live in temperate to tropical swamps, usually because they don't have to deal with too many neighbours because of their choice of location.

Some people find their choice of diet to be rather - unsettling. They like to eat things such as slugs, insects, eyeballs and similar items that most civilized creatures would find repulsive. It is not known if this is because of a genetic mutation or if it is simply choice. After all, they can enjoy regular food as well.

Some of the females have been born with a mutation that causes them to appear as human women during the daylight, while they revert to their natural forms during the night-time hours. They do not have any control over this mutation.

Mutations: Bizarre appearance (green skin, odd shaped ears, bald with the exception of females) increased physical attribute (strength), metamorph (modified), obese, regeneration, shriek.

Source: Shrek (2001)