Nuisance Spell - Rappel Insects

Clint Staples

Have you always wanted to lead a swarm of bumblebees down ropes into the depths of a dungeon? Does the image of a horde of hornets in tac gear, defenestrating at speed set your mind afire? Or perhaps you dream of dropping swiftly along a dangled line like a spider, but your lack of web-spinnners or opposable thumbs is holding you back. Fear not gentle arthropod, we have just the spell for you. Hopefully your degenerate digits can manage the somatic components of casting.

Art is by the amazingly talented Alejandro-Mirabal.


School abjuration; Level bard 1, cleric 1, druid 0, ranger 0, witch 0, Bug Master 0, Insect Queen 0
Casting Time 1 standard action
Components V, S, As a 0 level spell - appropriate insect pheromone
Range 30 feet
Target up to 10,000 insects or a single swarm of diminutive size or smaller, all larger insects within 30 feet of the caster, or self
Duration 1 minute /level (D)
Saving Throw Will negates (harmless), but what right-thinking bug would resist;  Spell Resistance no
This spell allows the insect subject[s] of the spell to rappel as though they had the necessary skill , equipment and physiology. The speed of downward movement is 10 squares per round. While the insects are rappelling, they are not subject to negative morale effects, and their humming takes on a distinctive, rapid, 'Hmm, Hmm, Hmm' sound. Finally, ff the subject[s] attack on the round they complete their rappel, they gain a +2 morale bonus to hit and damage for all attacks that round.