Nourishing Touch: A Nutritious Spell for Pathfinder

William T. Thrasher

The gods help those who help themselves, but what of those who have difficulty eating? For the comatose, the nauseous, and victims of enchanted sleep, the basic daily needs of food and drink are impossible to attain, let alone consumed. For those who care for such unfortunates, this simple spell allows benefits of daily bread to be conferred to the body of another.

Nourishing Touch

School conjuration; Level cleric 2, druid 2, paladin 2

Casting Time 1 standard action

Components V, S, M (a handful of simple fare and a cupful of water)

Range touch

Target creature touched

Duration instantaneous

Saving Throw Will half (harmless); see text; Spell Resistance yes (harmless); see text

The target of this spell is nourished as if it had consumed a day's worth of food and drink. The target is not at risk of starvation or dehydration for the day, and if the target is suffering from such conditions, they are alleviated. As the nutritional content of the spell's material component - which is consumed in the casting - is transferred directly to the target's body, there is no risk of food and drink being lost due to vomiting or poor digestion.