New Spell - Absorb Text - The Runequest Version

Clint Staples

ABSORB TEXT                   

Magnitude/ POW - 3            Range - Touch            

Cost to Learn - 2000 Lunar

Note: Lankhor Mhy teaches this spell to its Initiates at half price, which may be paid for in cult credit.

Casting Time 1 Turn

Casting Procedure  The spellcaster must take up the book and riffle its pages through his fingers from front to back.

Target one book or scroll.

Duration instant

Will Thrasher has done it again. What, you ask, has he done? Only created another awesome spell for the Pathfinder RPG, is all! The spell - Absorb Text - you can find elsewhere on d-Infinity, and you should definitely check it out.
But I don't play Pathfinder or any iteration of D&D much anymore. Not because I hate the game/games. My circle of gamers has just moved in a different direction. More than one really. And one of those directions, largely at my prodding - is into, or I should say for some of us, back into, Runequest.
So I thought I would convert this spell to Runequest, in case there were others out there who play.
Sorcerers, cultists, even shaman, know the value of ancient tomes for learning the secrets of those long dead. Absorb Text allows the caster to almost instantly take in the knowledge contained in a book.
You can read a book or scroll of any length in a matter of seconds. This spell does not give you perfect recall of the book's contents, but after successfully casting this spell you can remember details about its contents as if you had recently studied the tome. To recall particulars, roll INT x5 or less - the lower your successful roll, the better your recall.  You must be able to read the language in which the text in written to successfully cast this spell.
If the text in magical in nature (such as a sorcerer's grimoire) you must make a successful check against your magical skill [dependent upon your caster type]. If you are successful, you cannot learn the spells held therein, but you will know which ones the book contains.
It is rumored that the Cult of Thanatar has a version of this spell 'Consume Text' that destroys the bespelled book, but offers better recall of its contents.
Note: this spell does not protect you from protections or traps, magical or mundane that might ward the book you hope to read.