New Runequest Sorcery Spell - Chaos Blast!

Clint Staples

Given the revulsion with which chaos is viewed by most Gloranthans, only those truly devoted to chaos, or the absolutely power-mad would risk tainting their souls with knowledge of this spell. However, the power-mad are not under-represented among the ranks of sorcerers. And of course there will always be those who embrace chaos and seek its promulgation.

As might be expected, a significant number of Lunar sorcerers possess Chaos Blast, as a way of forcing conversion on those who might otherwise resist. A number of Orlanthi resistance fighters have been turned out of their warbands after becoming Marked.


 CHAOS BLAST [Chaos] Range – 10 yards      POW Check - Yes

Cost to Learn – 500L
Magnitude - Variable
Time to Cast - 1 Action
Duration – Instant

You summon a writhing ball of purest chaos and project it toward a single target in range. Roll your Sorcery skill as your ‘to hit’ chance, reduced by the target’s Defense. If the target has an action remaining they may also Dodge. The Chaos Blast does 1d6 of damage per rank of magnitude devoted to damage, and also immediately Makes a POW Attack against the target’s POW. If it fails, there is no further effect. If it succeeds, compare the margin of success [the number by which the POW attack as successful] on the table below for further effect.

The base range of the spell can be increased according to the Range Progression, by spending ranks of Magnitude.

Chaos Blast effects: [effect based on amount by which the POW attack was successful]

1-20: Stunned - Lose 1d4 Combat Actions

21-30: Knockback – hurled 1 yard per die of the blast away from the caster. Dex x3 to remain standing or to stop the progress of the knockback at some obstruction, or before a ledge, etc.

31 – 50: Touched by Chaos – Random Chaotic Feature*, Temporary [A hero may spend Hero Points to roll POWx the # of Hero Points spent to banish the Chaos Feature]. Target is unable to act for the next 1d4 turns as the transformation takes place.

50 or more: Mark of Chaos – Random Chaos Feature*, Permanent [A hero may spend Hero Points to roll POWx the # of Hero Points spent to banish the Chaos Feature]. The subject also is branded with the horned circle of chaos.Target is unable to act for the next 1d4 Turns as the transformation takes place.

The chaos blast has no effect on chaotic creatures, but will affect members of chaos cults who are not yet chaotic. Some cults consider it a terrible blessing by their masters to be subjected to repeated chaos blasts until they are Marked.


* Tables of Chaotic Features have been around in Runequest from the beginning. You can find random tables in nearly any version of the Runequest rules. Below is a d10 table to keep you if you can't get to a d100 table in time. Of course d100 Chaotic Oddities is starting to sound good too.

Roll D10:

1 - An additional - [roll 1d6] 1 - eye; 2 - ear; 3 - arm; 4 - leg; 5 - mouth; 6 - roll twice, grows rapidly from a random location [roll on the melee hit locaiton table].

2 - Roll 1d6; 1-3 Add, 4-6 Subtract 1d4 to/from characteristic, roll 1d8: 1 STR; 2 - CON; 3 - SIZ; 4 - DEX; 5 - INT; 6 - POW; 7 - CHA; 8 - roll twice.

3 - The skin of the character changes, [roll 1d4]: 1 - Color; 2 - Texture; 3 - Hardness [add 1d4 Armour Points]; 4 - grows bleeding pustules all over [-3 CHA and CON]; 6 - Becomes translucent;

4 - Grow a set of, [roll 1d4]: 1 - Horns [do 1d6 +damage bonus in melee]; 2 - Tusks; 3 - Two Tentacles [Add +1 Combat Action]; 4 - Wings [Fly Speed of 2d10 yards per turn].

5 -  Exude acid, which constantly burns your skin, causing you to scream unless you can roll CON x3. Others touching you are also burned, and you may coat weapons doing bonus 1d4 acid damage to the target and the weapon per application. 

6 - You immediately grow 1d10 SIZ, as your body warps and spasms. You lose the same number of CHA.

7 - Your blood becomes a chaotic organ, that can regenerate at a rate of 1d4 HP per turn.

8 - Your skin sloughs off in patches. Your exposed muscles are a constant agony to you. Lose 2d6 CHA.

9 - The location struck by the Chaos blast twists into a useless mass of seething flesh dotted at random with eyes and mouths. Lose 1d6 HP from that location permanently.

10 - Your body warps to take on the shape of a humanoid version of [roll 1d6]: 1 - A bat; 2 - A spider; 3 - A rat; 4 - A goat; 5 - An octopus; 6 - A worm; Roll 1d10 twice more on the main table, applying those features to this general body shape.