New Mutant Monday Series Two #21 - Intoxicator

Chris Van Deelen

No. Enc: 1d6 yards
Alignment:  Neutral
Movement: N/A
AC: 8
HD: 10 per yard
Attacks: Special, see description
Damage: See description
Save: L10
Morale: N/A
Hoard Class: Incidental

This plant, which most people considered to be a weed before the final wars, is common in most temperate locals. It is very difficult to distinguish it from its un-mutated cousin, except when someone makes the mistake of walking through a patch, then it becomes apparent something is wrong.

The average creature covers a single yard in diameter, and for the most part is relatively harmless. It releases an enticing scent, which anyone who approaches within 50 feet of the plant are forced to make a saving throw versus death or be compelled to walk to the patch and through it. The target is forced to walk through each yard, but is allowed a saving throw each round to break off the effects. Once the effects have been thrown off, then the target is allowed to move out and away from the patch of plants.

As long as the target remains under the influence of the plant, it will be forced to walk through the patches of plant-life, and will automatically inflict 1d6+2 points of damage (no to-hit roll required), and suffer 1d3 points of blood-loss per round until the wounds have been bound, as the leaves are molecular-thin and can inflict terrible damage to the feet and legs. Those who are cut must make a saving throw versus poison or suffer 1d3 points of Constitution damage due to blood loss.

This plant has another mechanism, which allows it to bring prey in order to feed. It is able to reach its roots deep into the ground until it is able to locate ground-water. Once it has found a water source, the plant will inject a chemical cocktail into the water. This will cause anything within a single mile radius to become intoxicated if they drink the water. They are allowed a saving throw at a +4 versus poison. If the throw fails, they are forced to walk towards the plant, all the while in a drunken stupor, and walk through it in order to feed the plant. Once they have sustained damage from the plant, they are allowed another saving throw at +4 to break the effects of the plant’s control.

It should be noted the intoxicating effect of the alcohol will last for 1d3 hours, and the victim will not feel any side-effects other than a mild hang-over. Also anyone who has successfully saved against either the intoxicating chemicals or the scent are immune to the compulsion to walk through the plant for the next 48 hours.

There are those who use the plant in order to reap the benefits of the alcohol-like chemical it produces. When concentrated, everyone tastes something different – some believe it tastes like their favorite beverage, others who don’t realize they’re drinking the chemical think it tastes like regular water.  This can have the unwanted effect of the customers leaving and walking to the nearest patch in order to ‘feed’ the plant. Sometimes this will end up revealing the secret of the alcohol and end up causing serious trouble for the proprietor.

The plants are active all year except during the winter. During the coldest months (typically November to April) the plant is dormant. The rest of the time it is active, and every three weeks it will produce seeds, which will grow and then detach, flying off to start another colony. Often the plant will mix with its un-mutated cousin, and what looks like a field of dandelions can hide a very unpleasant surprise for those who wish to go for a casual walk.

Mutations: Fragrance development (plants, modified), natural vegetal weapons, toxic weapon.