New Mutant Monday Series Three #7 - Lurer

Chris Van Deelen

No. Enc: 1
Alignment:  Chaotic
Movement: 90’ (30’)
AC: 3
HD: 10
Attacks: 2 claws and 1 bite
Damage: 1d8+4 and special / 1d8+4 and special / 2d6+4 and special
Save: L12
Morale: 7
Hoard Class: Incidental

The energies released during the final wars created all manner of mutant and deformity, although none quiet as strange as what have been dubbed ‘undead’. One of the worst biological weapons released created the walking dead. Technology likewise created the Nanite Undead, but some of the creatures spawned by the holocaust defy explanation.

This is just one of these creatures.

A monster born from the radiation-blasts, these creatures are found exclusively in ruins, although they are a terrible danger for those who ply the ruins for salvage and treasure, they have begun to appear in the many burgeoning communities found all over the wastelands, on every continent and even the ruins found out in the solar system.

By using illusions created from the creature’s twisted mind, it is able to lure potential victims into striking range. It has a preference to creating illusions of children or old folks, generally targets which appear to be helpless or harmless. By using these, the monster goes out of its way to put possible food at ease.

The monster itself is a twisted parody of living humans. It is slightly smaller than the average human, standing around five foot five, and it is quite skinny, weighing only around 75 pounds. The flesh is a grey-green in color and the hair is long and stringy, and is always midnight black in coloration. Fingers and toes are long; at least twice the length of a human’s and end in sharp talons. The mouth is filled with sharp, wicked teeth. The creature can appear as any gender, but often will create the illusion of a female, as it has learned people tend to be more likely to trust or attempt to help women, especially adolescent females.

This creature uses shadow to remain hidden, and as such it is strictly nocturnal, although it can be fully active during the daylight hours if it remains beneath the surface. The creature does not suffer additional damage from ultraviolet radiation, but if it encounters it, or direct sunlight, the creature becomes paralyzed until the source is removed, or in the case of a weapon, it will be paralyzed (no saving throw), for 4d6 rounds. Multiple hits from ultraviolet radiation-based weapons do not stack the length of paralysis, but if it is struck after coming out from being paralyzed, it will become paralyzed once again.

The creature is able to create a fully tactile and interactive illusion. Unless someone is actively attempting to disbelieve the illusion, it will considered real, and it will interact with the target. It will even react to any attacks made upon it’s person, showing the right damage, and it will even ‘die’ if required, although such attacks will not harm the creature itself.

Although undead it may be, the creature is still intelligent. It prefers to target individuals or small groups of targets which it feels it would be able to defeat in combat. As long as it appears as if the target is interacting with the illusion, the creature will use the darkness and attempt to sneak up upon its intended victims.

This monster will then strike at the targets, inflicting terrible damage and each time the target is struck, it must make a saving throw versus death or suffer 1d4 points of either Strength or Dexterity loss from the coldness of its touch. If the monster has suffered any damage at this time, for each point of Strength or Dexterity it drains, the creature will regain 1d4 hit points. It cannot build a surplus of hit points however; this will only heal damage it has sustained.

This monster is also able to employ several defensive psionic abilities. First if things are going against the creature, it can create a massive globe of darkness, and it will do so in order to help it escape from anything it cannot handle.  This globe covers a radius of 100 feet, centered on the creature, and barriers such as earth, walls, and so forth do not stop this… so anything on floors above, below or behind walls or dirt will suddenly find themselves surrounded by darkness. The darkness can be dispelled at any time by this monster, otherwise it will last for 2d12 rounds.

Also the creature is able to use its psionic abilities to ‘blur’ its outline, making it more difficult to hit in combat. This will increase its AC by 3 and it can use this ability once every 5 minutes, and it lasts for 2d6 rounds.

Finally the creature is able to become insubstantial for up to 1 minute, once per day. By using this, the creature becomes completely immune to all physical damage, although psionic and energy-based attacks (including thermal) will still harm the creature.

Once the beast has managed to kill a target, it will hide the remains and feast off the flesh. The creature cannot gain sustenance from anything except dead flesh, and it has to have been dead for at least six hours before it can consume it.

Wasteland scholars are quite certain these creatures are immortal, at least they cannot die from lack of food. They can be dispatched through combat, but no one has ever heard of finding the corpse of one of these monstrosities which has succumbed due to starvation, or for that matter, even weather conditions. It does not seem to be affected by extreme cold, nor does heat (except in the case of open flames or thermal-based weapons) seem to have any effect on the monster.

Although it does hunt in order to heal damage it has sustained, it seems to eat only for the pleasure of eating. It always seems to be hungry, and those who have managed to speak to the creature will discover feeding is the only thing it has on its mind, despite it being quite intelligent and cunning. There are those who are less reputable who will often leave ‘food’ for the creature to ambush and consume in return for maps or locations of treasure, salvage, technology and similar valuables.

After all, this beast has no use for such trinkets, and if it is well fed, it can be bargained with. Those who do so need to be careful, as the chaotic nature of this beast can often lead to it turning upon anyone who would try to garner such information.

It is rumored anyone killed by one of these beasts and not consumed will undergo a strange metamorphosis which requires exactly 72 hours to complete. The creature will retain its memories, but it will lose any mutations or abilities it possessed in life. Those who knew the victim before they became this monster are often the creature’s first targets, although for some reason it will never attack immediate family.

Mutations: Aberrant form (natural weapons), blur, clinging, create darkness, insubstantial, mental phantasm (modified), vulnerability (ultraviolet light)