New Mutant Monday # 72 - Deep Ones

Chris Van Deelen

No. Enc: 1d6 males, 1d3 females or 20d10 in communities (with 20% being female)
Alignment:  Chaotic
Movement: 210’ (70’) Swim
                    90’ (30’) land
AC: 4
HD: 10 (males), 6 (females)
Attacks: 2 claws, 1 bite and mental thrust, or by weapon.
Damage: 2d6 (1d8 female) / 2d6 (1d8 female), 2d4 (1d6 female) / 3d6, by weapon.
Save: L12 / 8
Morale: 7
Hoard Class: III, VIII (any artifacts, 75% x 4), XII (x5)

H.P. Lovecraft wrote extensively about the ancient horrors of the ‘old ones’ and other sanity-robbing monsters from beyond the pale.

One of the more disturbing creatures he described were the ‘Deep Ones’, amphibious humanoid creatures that preyed upon settlements along the East Coast, sometimes capturing and breeding with the inhabitants, other times the inhabitants willingly gave their bodies to these creatures for breeding purposes in a bizarre cult.

When these mutant creatures appeared along the coastlines of almost every continent on the planet, the name was reborn and it stuck. Some honestly believe that they are in fact the creatures that H.P. Lovecraft spoke about, others are certain they are just another byproduct of the radiation and toxins released during the final wars.

The fact that they have appeared in such numbers globally have some precedence that they are something more than just mutant humans or some sort of previously unknown aquatic species.

As expected, these creatures, particularly the males, are excessively aggressive and hostile. They are far more likely to attack then to attempt to open dialog, and if they are encountered, the best thing one can do is flee, or hopefully attack with surprise and take them out before they are able to retaliate.

Physically, the males are around seven feet in height and are thickly muscled. They appear far more fish-like than the females, and possess powerful claws on their webbed hands and feet, and have a deadly bite. Females are about five feet in height and are very feminine in appearance, some would say even attractive, despite the same claws and bite. Both are fast and powerful swimmers and are fully capable of surviving on land and in the water.

In combat, they will wade in with two claws and the bite. Their flesh is covered in a slick film, which makes it difficult to harm using edged weapons (they have a damage reduction of 15 points against edged weapons), and they are completely immune to thermal attacks.

They are also intelligent and possess powerful psionics. All members of the species are telepathic and empathic, and they can project fear upon their enemies, if they prove to be too difficult to handle. The fear is a single target attack, causing the individual to save versus death or be forced to flee at their maximum speed for 2d6 rounds. If they cannot flee, they will cower and be incapable of attacking or defending. They also possess mind thrust, which they can use at the same time as they make their physical attacks. The females possess mental phantasm, which allows them to create illusions, typically using them to disguise their true form so they can scout communities and perform reconnaissance.

Woe to any women encountered by the males. They will do whatever they can to disarm and then capture the women right then and there. If they cannot drag the women back to their hidden homes, they will copulate with them, violently. It is far better for the females to die than to allow this to happen. If the creature is able to successfully impregnate the woman (save versus poison), the woman is compelled to carry the offspring to term. They are under a compulsion caused by chemicals released by the embryo to protect and nurture it, to the point they will actively attack and try to kill anyone, including loved ones and spouses, which try to harm the embryo. Most often, the impregnated females will simply slip away and live in seclusion, although they will always stay near the sea. This is the only time the creatures will not harm them, and will in fact act as guardians, protecting them and bringing them food and whatever they need until it is time for the young to come into the world.

It takes nine months for the embryo to grow and come into the world, which always causes the death of the woman. The young then consumes the mother’s body, using it for the nutrition it needs to grow.

Females of this species will often use their mental phantasm mutation to lure and seduce males of other species to milk them of their seed. The females will know as soon as they have become impregnated, at which time they will reveal their true forms and kill the father, eating the remains.

Unlike humanoids, the infants will not kill the mothers during the birthing process. They will require food as soon as they are borne, which the females will always have a supply handy. The creatures will capture humans for the young to feed upon, keeping the humans alive long enough for the young to feast and grow strong.

They do have uses for artifacts and treasure, and keep such goods either hidden away, deep in their lairs underwater. In order to prevent water from damaging or destroying delicate items, they coat the items with a special slime that makes them water-proof. It is not unheard of these creatures using artifact weapons when attacking particularly strong foes, or large groups of foes that could end up hurting them.

Mutations: Aberrant form (natural weapons), dietary requirement change (living meat), empathy, mental phantasm, mind thrust, neural telepathy.