New Mutant Monday # 69 - Agma Sonalag

Chris Van Deelen

No. Enc: 2d12
Alignment:  Neutral
Movement: N/A
AC:  6
HD: 2
Attacks:  1 grab
Damage: 1d4 & special
Save: 2
Morale: N/A
Hoard Class: Incidental

Despite the rather grotesque appearance, this is not actually an animal, but instead a mutant form of fungus that looks very similar to its ancestors from before the final wars.

The fungus starts out as a hand-shaped growth, found in wherever there are copious amounts of decaying matter – typically lots of rotting leaves or other vegetable matter, although it can also be found where there are corpses.  The hand grows slowly over a period of a few days, the ‘fingers’ elongating and eventually turning a deep red in color until they finally split apart. The typical fungal growth has between three to seven ‘digits’ (2d3+1), and they grow to a length of six feet.

The fungus then waves lazily in the air, producing pheromones that smell like cooked or decaying flesh in order to attract prey. This has a radius of five hundred feet and will affect any creature with a sense of smell, and always smelling like its favorite meat, be it cooked or decayed.

Those detecting this are not compelled to approach, but more often than not they will do so. The one difference is that if the potential victim has the mutation increased senses smell, then they have to make a saving throw versus energy or be compelled to investigate the scent.

When potential prey arrives, the fungus has two attacks. First, it will wait until a target comes within five feet, it will lash out and grab. This does only 1d4 points of damage, but the ‘hand’ releases a powerful digestive enzyme. This will begin to break down the flesh of the target, causing 1d8 points of damage per round until the target is dead, or the chemical concoction has been washed off.

This enzyme has no effect against non-organic material, but cloth made of natural fibers, armor made of leather and so forth will be destroyed by it. The item in question will suffer 1 condition level of damage per round unless a saving throw versus acid is made.

Water or any liquid will wash the enzyme, rendering it harmless. It requires one quart to wash it away.

The fungus can use this attack each round. Once prey has been reduced to goo, the creature will dip its digits into the mess and suck up the nutrients released. After this happens, it will then release spoors into the air. Many will hit the remains and take root, growing, while others will float on the air until they land in a suitable location to take seed and grow into a new fungal plant.


Mutations: Toxic weapon