New Mutant Monday # 61 - Haizi Shi Renzu

Chris Van Deelen

No. Enc: 3d4
Alignment:  Chaotic
Movement: 90’ (30) or Special
AC: Depends on armor
HD: 16
Attacks: 1 or special
Damage: by weapon
Save: L20
Morale: 11
Hoard Class: XXII (70% each category, x6)

As early as the mid twentieth century, the people of Japan, Korea, China and other countries became obsessed with looking young. Uncounted billions of the current currency were spent on cosmetic surgery and physical enhancements to keep people, especially women, looking young.

With the advent of genetic engineering and tailoring, including body modification (which lead to the creation of the Exotics and other such ‘races’), the dream of these cultures was finally achieved.

Women and in a few cases, men underwent genetic tinkering that reversed the years, erasing the effects of ageing and in effect turned them immortal. Most of the time these people reversed the years to a point in their mid to late teens, although some enjoyed going back even further to look like they were pre-teen.

A few parents even subjected their children to this effect, which had an astronomical price-tag, to keep their precious offspring young forever, never to leave the nest. The earliest subjects seemed wildly successful – at first. After several years these test subjects began to display some very unusual behavior and cravings.

It did not take long to discover that these first generations suffered a drawback that came right out of the darkest horror movies of the era. They discovered they needed to eat the raw flesh of other humanoids in order to stay young. At first it was subtle – they began to age at an increased rate, 1 year for every month. Then they began to weaken and lose strength, stamina and agility. Within 1 year they reverted to their original age, or appeared to be in their late 50’s or older. If they did not eat the raw meat of humans, then they would die within 1 year plus 1d12 months.

Of course they had no desire to die, so after discovering what they needed to survive, they turned into hunters, often seducing the less reputable portions of society (those who preyed upon the young, especially the pedophiles).

By this time there were tens of thousands of these genetically engineered teens spread across Southeast Asia. The police noticed a remarkable increase of crime, particularly brutal and vicious, against child molesters, predators and pedophiles. This was not as bad a thing as many believed it would have been.

Eventually it came out that the crimes were being perpetuated by the genetically modified individuals. This lead to a media sensation and a sudden and unexpected backlash against the first generation.

Many were killed, but thousands managed to escape into the underworld, orbit, colonies and elsewhere and as such they managed to survive as a species. Even well after the end of the final wars many still survive, the original hundreds upon hundreds of years old – ancient beings that are powerful and wealthy beyond compare, allowing them to survive as long as they have.

The creatures are also very capable of reproduction, having the same gestation period as regular humans and both males and females can successfully mate with non-members of their species – but never mutants. Any offspring are always of their species and are always raised by the members of the species, whether the human parent wants that to be the case or not.

When engaged in combat, these creatures are able to ‘boost’ their bodies, making them incredibly fast and strong. As soon as combat begins, they can use a specialized version of quick, which increases their speed to 180’ (60’) and allows them 2 attacks per round. Their strength also increases dramatically and they gain an additional +3d6 to any physical attack.  This will last for only 3d6 rounds and then they will burn out, dropping their speed to only 60’ (20’) and getting 1 attack every 2 rounds, and all damage with melee weapons is cut in half.

If they are able to eat the flesh of any human at this time, in 1d3 rounds they will return to normal. The speed increase can only be used once every six hours and it requires 1d4 hours to recover after the speed wears off.

They also need to feed off human flesh, no matter what. They can go for 1 month without seeing any physical changes, but for every month they go without eating raw human flesh, they will lose 1 hit dice and age 1d3 years. After a single year has passed without eating flesh, they must make a saving throw versus death or die, rapidly aging to their true age (which can be in the hundreds of years) in 1d6 days.

If they consume human flesh at any point, they will regain the lost hit-dice at the rate of 1 per day, and will revert to their ‘apparent’ age.

Due to their lifespan, they are rich, have amazing amounts of weapons and armor, vehicles, homes and even private armies to protect them. They live together in small communal groups, not based on ethnicity, original country or anything along those lines. Instead it is friendship or love, or sometimes family.

Many groups of these creatures hide in plain sight, and are typically considered to be the rulers or the nobility of larger communities or post-apocalyptic cities. They are usually quite arrogant and have a superior air about them, as if they were better than anyone else. They tend to treat regular people as mere servants, but mutants are treated like animals, they have a real dislike for mutants and anything that is not pure human. This does not extend to Exotics and other genetically engineered humans, which they consider to be cousins, and have found they can reproduce with them, with the offspring having a 50/50 chance of being either parentage. 

They crave power and control over everything. Some stick to a strict diet, consuming human flesh only once per month (they are required to eat 24 hit points, which can be consumed over a 48 hour period, and it has to be eaten right off the body of the victim, it cannot be cut and then consumed later. If the flesh is away from the victim for more than 4 rounds, it cannot sustain the creatures). Some eat the flesh every day, sometimes three or more times per day, always keeping a stock of humans for this very purpose.

Many who know about these creatures view them to be the monsters many have become, calling them derogatory names like cannies, leather faces, parasites and the like. Those who are heard often end up on the menu.

Mutations: Dietary requirement change (drawback, raw human flesh), increased life-span, increased physical attributes (Strength), quick (modified)