New Mutant Monday # 56 - Yako-Sei No Sekkusu Akuma

Chris Van Deelen
No. Enc: 1d8  Alignment: Neutral Movement: 90’ (30’) ground 150’ (50’) flying Armor Class: 8 (ground) 3 (flying) Hit Dice: 8 Attacks: 2 claws, or 1 bite, or one sonic scream Damage: 1d8+2 / 1d8+2 or 1d6 + special, or see description Save: L8 Morale: 6 Hoard Class: VII, X, XII (x5, 75% for each), XVI (artifacts only, 65%)

These humanoids are definitely the result of genetic engineering, although a few wasteland scholars argue that they could be highly-evolved Uplifts. Even among those who agree that they are genegineered creatures, some argue that they were the creation of horny scientists, while others believe that they were genetically modified by aliens.

These genetic deviants are known by several different names. Some call them Succubi and Incubi, others call them vampires, devil bats, and nocturnal sex demons (one pinned upon them by the Japenese), and a plethora of different names. The creatures have settled upon the name of Nocturnal Tempters for themselves, often referring to members of their own species simply as Tempters.

Their natural forms are that of humanoid sized bats. Their bodies are covered with a very fine greyish-black fur. Their feet have long talon-like toes which despite the thinness of the digits are incredibly strong. The faces are very human however, but they have long bat-like ears and small, sharp teeth. They possess thin, membranous flaps of skin, which run from their ankles all the way up their sides and arms. The hands are completely useless, as the fingers have grown to incredible lengths in order to accommodate the wing structure. Even in their natural form, they are still attractive, albeit somewhat frightening in appearance. They only retain their natural form with their own kind, or when they are feeding. The rest of the time they are able of taking the physical form of beautiful human men and women, which is their primary method of luring prey to feed upon.

The creatures are vampires. They require blood to survive, although they can eat regular food and often do so as it still provides pleasure to them. They do require blood of any species to live, but prefer that of humans and humanoids. They can go for 5 days between feeds, but if they go further, they will begin to deteriorate until they can feed again. For each day without feeding, they will lose 1 hit dice, and after the 9th day they will die from lack of sustenance. If they consume blood any time before this, they will regain one lost hit-dice for every 6 hit points they drain from a victim.

The creatures live in small packs or flocks, always deep inside mountains, high forests or ruins or any place they can find suitable caves to call home. Sometimes the packs consist of family groups, other times they are merely together for companionship. Although they are predators, they are very social creatures and can be quite affectionate. They will sometimes take a single mate, but most often they prefer to share and share alike. The females have the same gestation period as regular humans, and more often than not the offspring is the result of sex with their prey. No matter the father, the offspring is always the same – a Nocturnal Tempter.

These creatures will often make homes near communities and use their natural shape-shifting ability to appear as human in order to seduce prey. Unless they are starving, the prey typically has nothing to fear. They meet a nice man or woman, go home for some sex, and wake up feeling a little weak and tired, but more than a little satisfied with the encounter. Most do not even notice the small holes that were bitten in their flesh during the act of sex.

In their natural form, the creatures go naked. Their bodies are simply not designed for clothing. The only time they wear clothing is when shape-shifted and on the hunt, or just looking for a good time.

If they are forced to engage in combat, their clawed feet are powerful weapons in their own right, and they have a sonic scream they can use once every three rounds. This has a radius of 30’ from the creature and inflicts 4d6 sonic based damage. Anyone caught in this radius must save versus energy or be deafened for 4d6 rounds.

They are capable of biting as well, and will often do so, in order to subdue dangerous prey. The bite injects class 11 poison, paralyzing the victim so that they can feed without fear of harm. Each round they are capable of draining 1d6+2 points of blood from the victim. If the creature is starving, they will replenish their lost hit-dice through this method. While in human form, the can and will use armor and weapons, but are not fighters – they prefer to seduce, mate, and feed.

Their small homes are always built as far off the ground as they are capable of doing, and even though they possess some furniture and beds, they always sleep hanging upside down, while gripping the ceiling with their claws. They also mate with one another most often from this position, finding it to be the most comfortable while doing so.

As for treasure, they are not adverse to it and some have even found that feeding their desires has led to people wanting to pay for the experience with them, as it has been said that sex with these creatures is by far the best most have ever enjoyed.

Some believe this is due to the low level empathy and telepathy the species possesses, allowing them to know exactly how someone feels, and what they like and do not like. It has been said that there are members who work in brothels in larger communities, but no one has ever been able to prove this.

Finally, they are completely immune to the cold. They are as comfortable in -70 degree temperatures as if it was a balmy +90. If subjected to any sort of cold-based attack, they have a natural damage reduction of 25 points.

Mutations: Aberrant form (natural weapons, new body parts – chimera), dietary requirement change (drawback), echolocation, empathy, increased senses (hearing) immunity (cold), metamorph (modified), neural telepathy (limited, modified), shriek (modified), toxic weapon.