New Mutant Monday # 41 - Flows

Chris Van Deelen

No. Enc: 1d3
Alignment:  Neutral
Movement: 90’ (30’) – unless limb is effected, see description.
AC: 7
HD: 10
Attacks: 1 punch or kick or by weapon.
Damage: 1d6+2 or 1d8+2 or by weapon
Save: L10
Morale: 4
Hoard Class: V, VII, XI, XIV (50%, if rolled, always one weapon, never armor)

These unfortunate mutants suffer from a genetic disorder which causes their flesh to grow uncontrollably, but on portions of their bodies. Many are outcasts and hated for their often hideous appearances, and as a result they are typically bitter and filled with loathing for normal people.

Most of the time, these unfortunate creatures are simply like many other deformed mutants in the wastes, outcasts, loners and exiles who are simply trying to get by, despite the hand dealt by genetic mutation.

Physically they have the same overall body size and structure of humans, but at least one part of their anatomy is affected by this genetic disorder, causing it to continue to grow, or the flesh grows and grows until it becomes a burden. Roll 1d4-1 (at least one location must be effected) for the number of locations the mutant is affected and then roll on the following chart for the effects of the mutation. If the location is rolled again (with the exception of limbs or appendages), re-roll. If the limbs or appendages are rolled a third time, re-roll ignoring the same result.






Senses are reduced, 50% chance mutant is blind, 50% chance the mutant is deaf. Charisma score is cut to 25% of its original score.



The mutant gains +2 hp per hit dice, AC is worsened by +2



Physical attacks with the limb do 1d6+2 points of damage. Affected limb can only attack once every two rounds.



As above, but the kick will do 1d8+2, and can only be used once every two rounds. Speed is cut in half. If both legs are affected, speed is reduced to 25%



Physical attacks do 1d3+1 damage; can only use 1 handed weapons.



Physical attacks do 1d6+1 damage; movement is reduced by 25%. If both feet are affected, movement is reduced by 50%. If the mutant is affected in the leg, use the movement rate reduction mentioned there instead.

One of the reasons they are often exiled and hated is because they can use this mutation on others, causing the flesh to instantly grow and flow. The longer the mutant is able to keep in physical contact with the victim, the longer the change will last. First the creature must make a successful physical attack. I it succeeds, then the victim make a saving throw versus death to avoid being affected. If the save fails, then the victim will contract the mutation. Roll on the chart above for the location, it is always random. The effects will appear after 1d6 turns. For each round the mutant is able to physically touch the victim (requiring a successful attack), the effect will linger. Note that if the victim succeeds on the saving throw, multiple attacks will not have any effect other than to cause damage. Only the first round has to fail. 

For one round of contact, the effect will last for 2d12 hours. For two rounds, 1d3 days, for three rounds it will last for 2d4 days. For four rounds, the effect will last 1d3 weeks. For five rounds the effect will last 1d4 months. If contact is maintained for 6 rounds or more, the effect become permanent. Note that those affected by this attack do not gain the ability to transfer it as the creature does, only the effects.

In the rare case where these mutants are accepted, they find peace and will do whatever they can to fit in, but these cases are few and far between. Many are willing to trade and are often excellent scavengers, since they are forced to live in the wilds or the ruins due to their mutation. This means they often have access to powerful artifacts and treasure, making them quite well to do despite their physical appearance.

Mutations: Bizarre appearance (drawback), toxic weapon (modified)