New Mutant Monday # 27 - Oracles

Chris Van Deelen

No. Enc: 2d4 or 3d20 in communities
Alignment: Neutral
Movement: 90’ (30’)
Armor Class: depends on armor
Hit Dice: 14
Attacks: 2 weapons
Damage: by weapon
Save: L18
Morale: 11
Hoard Class: VII (100%), IX (100%), XV (100%), XXI (weapons only 100%)

All outward appearances indicate these mutants are humans or pure humans. Physically, they tend to be tall, standing over six feet in height and are generally quite attractive. The eyes are typically very pale blue or even white, which usually gives away their heritage as mutants. The hair is always a medium to dark brown and the flesh is often quite pale.

They live in small communities of a dozen or so families. Often they will settle in larger communities of humans and humanoids, setting up small enclaves. Those who know of the capabilities of these mutants are willing to pay very well for their services, which lead these creatures to being quite wealthy.

The society they have created is one of equal partnership between the males and females, although females tend to be sought after more for their abilities, while the males will hire out as guards and mercenaries.

Each family unit is co-equally run by both man and woman. Neither is dominant, although the females will often be the ones to handle all financial transactions. When they mate, it’s for life. It is literally impossible for males to cheat and get away with it, as the females can always discover through the use of their abilities. As such, when they take mates, it is unequivocally for life. These pairings always produce multiple children, with 2-6 being the average number.

Like almost all humanoids, the children are raised by both parents and stay with the family unit until they are capable of making it on their own. This is usually when they hit their late teens to early twenties.

Personality wise, both males and females tend to be quite arrogant and haughty. They like riches and flash, and often look upon the poor and working class people with distaste. This is not the way it is for all, there are plenty who will use their abilities to help the lesser well to do and downtrodden. They are the exception, not the rule.

What sets them apart from other mutants is the females can see the future. This allows them to see the outcome of almost any action they are about to partake in. The length of time they can see into the future all depends on their Will Power. Some can only see a day or so, others can see far further than just that.

The males possess a similar ability, but it is much shorter in duration, and allows them to become excellent warriors. Some who fight against the males find their ability to predict moves and ensure their strikes are in the right location uncanny and as such they are typically feared.

Often when someone wishes to hire these mutants, the females will predict the future to see what the outcome would be. If they are even remotely suspicious, they will speak to others of their kind, who happen to be more powerful, to see further. This has prevented treachery many times and in the case where nothing bad happens, they will share a portion of their profits with those who helped them.

Due to the wealth they can garner from their abilities, they tend to be quite hedonistic. They live lives of luxury, compared to many others who barely eke out a living in the wastelands.

Males tend to have the best armor and weapons available, while females, even those who have just reached puberty, will often wear skimpy and revealing outfits, and are bedecked with gold, platinum and plenty of gems and jewellery.

And they will take mates outside their own species. Females are especially prone to do so, preferring the more meek and less arrogant men to their own kind. They do tend to be quite racist though, as they want only pure humans, humans, and humanoids who do not display any physical defects. They also prefer to have mates who are psionically powerful, as there is a chance the mutations will be passed to their sons or daughters.

When they mate outside their species, the offspring have a 50/50 chance of gaining their mutation, and a 50% chance of gaining any of the non-species mutations. This increases to 75% when the non-species mutant possesses psionic mutations.

Finally, both males and females possess the alter probability field mutation, which they will use on their allies and enemies. Note the two mutations included are in days instead of minutes for these mutants, and there is no limit to the number of times they can use this ability per day.

Mutations: Alter probability field (both) combat empathy (males only), future sight (females only), Precognition (both)

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Also, the mutation - Alter Probability field, is described in the Chance Deer Entry.

Future Glimpse 


Augury has been around for uncounted millennia, originally thought to have been magic or visions imparted by god. In truth, it is a mutation, one that allows the mutant to briefly ‘see’ into the future. It is not always accurate, as sometimes the mutant will briefly glimpse into an alternate time-stream and will not understand what he has seen.

Whenever the mutant wishes to use this mutation (it can be used at will), the mutant must first meditate for a number of minuets equal to 30 minus their Will Power score. The action the mutant wishes to see must be accomplished in a number of turns equal to the Will Power. At that time the ML will roll percentage dice with a target equal to 50 plus three times the Will Power (a maximum of 95%). The mutant can then ask one question per 4 points of Will Power (rounded up) of the ML regarding an action the mutant wishes to take. The ML will answer as good, bad or nothing. The nothing result is if the roll failed.

If the mutant wishes to see what the actions of another person or creature will result in, the roll is equal to 50 plus their Will Power

Future Sight


This is a more powerful version of the future glimpse mutation. The mutant must meditate on the action for the same number of minutes as future glimpse but the action must be accomplished within a number of hours equal to their Will Power. The chance of succeeding is equal to that listed under future glimpse and the mutant can ask the ML the same number of questions.

The difference is that the ML (if the mutation roll succeeds) will give a little more detail, but no more than a number of words equal to that of their Will Power score per question. For example, the mutant has a Will Power of 15 wishes to know that if he enters a certain ruined building if there are any traps and how many enemies he will encounter. The roll succeeds and the ML will answer that there are no traps for the first question, and that there are ten enemies for the second. The mutant could have asked how many enemies and what kind of enemies he would encounter and the mutant lord would say ten, all of them were insects.

Another difference is that the mutant may see into an alternate time-stream and the information could be incorrect. The chance of this happening is equal to 50 minus their Will Power on percentage dice (if the first roll fails). The same rules apply but the ML could answer no traps (to the first example) and there are no enemies. If the roll for incorrect information is not achieved, the mutant will know that he failed.

Unlike future glimpse this mutation can be used 3 times per week.