New Mutant Monday #22 - Set Kkoli Jwi

Chris Van Deelen
No. Enc: 1d6 Alignment:  Chaotic Movement: 90’ (30’) AC: 6 HD: 4 Attacks: 1 tongue or 1 bite. Damage: 1d4 plus poison (see below) or 1d4+2 Save: L8 Morale: 7 Hoard Class: VII (x2, 75%), VIII (80%), XXII (artifacts only, 50%)

These mutant rats originated in Korea, and somehow they have found their way across the Pacific and have gained a foothold along the Northwest Coast. The name when translated means Two-tail Rat. The name is a very apt description of these creatures.

They are large, typically about four feet in height and about one hundred and fifty pound rats. The fur is patchy at best and they possess two, scabrous tails instead of the usual single tail. The fur of the creature comes in three varieties. White, grey, and brown. The eyes of the creatures are always ruby red, much like that of an albino. Those with white fur are often mistaken as albinos, but are not. They love to live in dark, dank places, and are most often encountered underground or in ruins located near water.

The creatures are ill tempered and quite intelligent. They tend to see other creatures as play-things or possible targets. At the very least, if they can’t play with their victims, or steal their belongings, they can be used as food.

In order to facilitate their need to gather treasure, artifacts and other goods, they have a powerful telekinetic ability. This allows them to grab items out of the hands of those who would use items, especially weapons, against them. This is the equivalent of a Will Power versus Strength check, with the creatures possessing a Will Power of 12+2d6. If they succeed, then the item is ripped from the grasp of the wielder.

This can prove to be very disconcerting, as the mutant creatures possess psionic ability. This allows them to instantly figure out how to use any items they find. So that laser rifle you were about to use against the creature, well it’s in the hands of the monster and he’s firing it right back at you!

If that was not bad enough, the creature has natural attacks to fall back upon if they cannot use a victims toys against them. They can shoot their tongue out to up to twenty feet. The end of the tongue has a barb, which upon striking flesh, will inject poison. This toxin is considered class 3 poison, but has an additional effect. It is highly acidic and will burn for 2d4 rounds, causing an additional 1d6+2 points of damage per round. If that does not work, they can bite as well. More often than not would prefer to simply flee rather than engage if it goes badly.

These creatures are very prolific, taking multiple mates at one time. It is not uncommon for a particularly cunning male to have two or more females with him. They mate often, not worrying about mating seasons. The females give birth to a little of 1d4 pups five months after impregnation.

It takes one year for the pups to grow to adult size, at which time they will leave the mother and set out on their own. They are semi-social animals, but prefer to travel in small groups, as they love treasure and do not like to share with others.

When they find an opponent who is incapable of properly defending themselves, these creatures will toy with them, slowly stripping away their weapons, defenses and finally all personal belongings and even their clothing before finally killing and eating them.

As such, they are pretty much reviled globally, although there are a few members of the species who have discovered they can gain a lot of treasure by hiring out to scavengers in order to identify and use artifacts they have discovered. Maybe 1 in 50 of these creatures chooses this route and are often fabulously wealthy by post-fall standards.

Mutations: Aberrant form (multiple body parts), gigantism, neural telekinesis, toxic weapon