New Mutant Monday # 16 - Iruka

Chris Van Deelen


No. Enc: 3d8
Alignment:  Lawful
Movement: 240’ (80’) Swimming
                    90’ (30’) on land
AC: 5
HD: 8
Attacks: 1 ram, 1 tail slap, 1 bite On land, see below
Damage: 4d6+4 /2d6+2 / 1d6+1
Save: L8
Morale: 9
Hoard Class: None in water, VIII, IX XIV (items only) (x4, 65% on land)

It is not entirely certain how these creatures came to be. Scholars and naturalists argue they are either Uplifts, or humans who were either genetically engineered or mutated to the point they adapted to life in the oceans. Most who interact with these mutants will attest they could not be anything more than Uplifts.

Highly intelligent, very inquisitive, and often friendly, these mutants can be found along the shores of most continents. Although they spend most of their lives in the ocean, they do build or take over land-based dwellings to deal with ‘land-walkers’ as they call anyone who does not live in the ocean.

They live in small pods, typically made up of several families. There is a single mated pair, which are the leaders of these pods and all the other members listen and obey what the leaders say.

Physically, in the water, they appear relatively unchanged from their ancestors. Long, sleek, grey-skinned with short stubby fins. They are capable of moving at great speeds in the water and are capable of holding their breath for up to a day or longer.

What allows the creatures to interact with land-walkers is their ability to shapeshift. They can take the form of a human with long limbs, absolutely no body hair, and slick, grey colored flesh. The creatures can maintain this form for only 4d12 hours before they must return to the ocean and return to their original body.

While in this form they are capable of speaking and interacting with land-walkers, and often do a great deal of trading while clothed as such. They are excellent fishers and use their sonar to help locate items and artifacts which would be of use to the land-walkers.

During trade negotiations, they will accept food and medical supplies, but have little use for coin or other goods. They will often trade their services for sex, however. This usually kills the deal, but they have a strange compulsion to mate with attractive members of humanoid species. They don’t care if the copulation takes place on land or in the water, as long as they can have what they want. Most land-walkers find this idea repugnant, except if the creatures retain their humanoid form.  Pregnancies will never occur due to these couplings.  They can only successfully mate with their own kind, or strangely enough, dolphins of any species, which will always result in the offspring being of this species.

In combat, the creatures will use their speed to ram a target. They need at least 60 feet to build up the necessary momentum to use the ram, and if they cannot do so, they will resort to biting and tail-slaps. On land, they will move at their quickest movement speed towards the water, as they are all but helpless to defend themselves. Some have learned to use armor and weapons of the land-walkers and they will stay and fight, but these are rare individuals.

They are mortal enemies of the hated Saal Jyu and will attack these creatures on sight. Sometimes when a particularly large pod of these mutants are discovered, they will attempt to gain the help of land-walkers in order to exterminate their hated foes.

These creatures are mammalian and have the same gestation period as their ancestors, typically 9 to 10 months. They give birth to twins or triplets and the young are raised by the entire pod, although they do know who their birth-parents are. They reach sexual maturity around 12 years of age and mate whenever the urge hits.

They can live up to 120 years, barring violence, disease and accidents.

Mutations: Metamorph (modified).