New Mutant Monday #100 - Thinners

Chris Van Deelen

No. Enc: 1d4
Alignment:  Chaotic
Movement: 90’ (30’
AC: 5
HD: 7
Attacks: 1 bite and two claws
Damage: 1d6+4 and 2d6+2 / 2d6+2
Save: L7
Morale: 11
Hoard Class: VI, VIII, XIV (artifacts only, 40%)

Before the final wars mankind spread to the stars. There were literally thousands of space-stations scattered across the solar system, colonies on Mars and other planets and even colonies in distant solar systems.

Many of these stations and colonies were destroyed during the battles that took place, but there were those which managed to survive the war, although not always intact.

It is said that these strange mutants come from one or more of these lost stations or colonies, having been hideously mutated by radiation (both from the weapons used and solar radiation) to the point they are not even recognizable as human. How they got to Earth is anyone’s guess.

Each specimen is extremely tall, with the shortest being eight feet tall and the average member of this species standing around twelve feet in height. They have incredibly long arms and legs, which are stick-thin and do not seem to be capable of holding the creatures up in gravity wells. The fingers are likewise very long and tapered, ending in sharp claws. The head has taken on a distinctly animalistic appearance with a huge mouth, small eyes and long, sharp teeth. They are naked except for a mane of wiry hair that sprouts from the skull.

The creatures have lost the ability to think and reason and are nothing more than predatory animals that see all other life-forms as food. They cannot speak, although they do seem to be able to communicate among their own kind using grunts, growls and strange whistling noises that are reminiscent of air escaping a balloon – or a breach in a hull.

These creatures have a bizarre ability to literally ignore one of the three dimensions. How they are able to accomplish this is still being debated by wastelands scholars, but they can become impossibly thin, allowing them to move through the tiniest cracks, even if they are only a few fractions of an inch in diameter. If there is a crack or opening, they can move through it to get at prey.

When engaged in combat, the creatures can bite and use their claws, but they are also surrounded by a powerful field of intense cold. As such they are immune to all cold-based attacks, and strangely enough, thermal-based attacks do little damage. They only suffer 25% of any damage (round to nearest) inflicted by thermal-based weapons. This cold field extends fifteen feet from the creature and anyone entering this will suffer 3d6 points of cold-based damage per round until they leave the field. This is automatic and cannot be controlled by the creatures.

Also they can use the ability to become two dimensional during combat, which makes it exceedingly difficult to hit them, increasing their AC by -4. They can only use this once every turn, and during combat the ability will last of 1d4+3 rounds.

Finally these creatures are able to produce globes of pure darkness. They can do this once per day and the globe will always be centered upon them, and extends 30 feet in all directions. Anyone entering the globe will be considered blind for the duration, although these creatures are not affected by the globe. Any creature with Ultraviolet vision can see through the darkness without penalty.

These creatures will attack relentlessly until their target is dead, at which point they will feast upon its body, consuming everything except for the bones. They will even crack open the bones to get at the marrow. Nothing goes to waste when they eat, even the blood. A victim consumed by one of these monsters is terrifyingly clean, not even blood remains on the bones themselves.

They make their lairs inside ruins, never elsewhere. They are especially fond of ruins whose structures incorporate a great deal of metal, and they also make their lairs inside the wreckages of ships of all manner, especially wrecked space-craft, which leads scholars to believe that they are indeed from the outer-reaches of space and somehow managed to get to earth. The lairs are always filled with the picked-clean bones of their victims, as well as the items and treasure (if any) carried by the victims. The creatures tend to make their beds out of the bones, with a small central spot free from bones, covered in the skin and fur of several of their previous meals, making the nest comfortable to sleep in.

No one knows how these creatures reproduce, or even if they have sexes, as the few that have been encountered appear to be asexual, with no obvious reproductive organs.

Mutations: Aberrant form (natural weapons), bizarre appearance, density alteration (modified) , energy retaining cell structure (modified), gigantism, sphere of darkness, ultravision