New Cult Spell for Runequest - Reload!

Clint Staples

Reload is a common magic spell available to many of the more martial cults of Genertela. Those cults which might offer it at a discount to their initiates might be Yelorna, Waha, Seven Mothers, possibly Orlanth.


Reload [Movement, Magic]             Range – Personal Weapon Touched

Cost to Learn – 500   

Time to cast – 1 Action, including shooting the weapon if it is ready.

Magnitude – Variable

Duration – Number of Rounds equal to the Magnitude.


Each magnitude of Reload reduces the number of rounds that a weapon requiring actions takes to reload. If the Magnitude of Reload is equal to the number of actions required to load a weapon, it may be shot along with the casting of the spell. Otherwise, the loading time is reduced by the Magnitude. Thus with Reload 1, a Recurve or Short Bow could be shot each Action, whereas a Heavy Crossbow would take two actions to reload instead of three. The spell lasts as long as the weapon is in continuous use, or until a number of rounds equal to the Magnitude has expired. So, Magnitude 3 Reload would allow a Heavy Crossbow to be shot each round for three rounds, at a cost of 3 POW.

This spell may affect larger weapons, such as siege machinery, but the Magnitude required for each round is double. So Reload 2 would reduce the number of Rounds the engine required to reload by 1. Reload 1 has no effect on Siege Weapons.

Reload may be cast on weapons that are under the effects of spells such as Multimissile or Speed Dart.