New BASH Datafile - Barsoomian Personal Flier!

Clint Staples

Here is an example of the personal fliers, essentially fighter aircraft on Barsoom. Many cities would have their own designs, some with or without integral Radium Rifles. I decided that it would be more fun if the fliers of Kor in my campaign had them, so there you go.


This is the common type of flier found in a lot fo the stories by Burroughs. In his work they are fragile, often damaged by events or attackers, to the point that you could give them some sort of Jinxed or unlucky disadvantage. I did this with a low Hits total. Once the 30 hits is gone, the flier is going down, producing the need for a more interesting overland trek through monster infest swamp/ canal/ ruin. wasteland, etc. You may, if you wish, of course, up the number of hits to suit your purpose.  


These also make for great pursuit craft in an aerial chase, they are fas t and agile, but a hi or two from a radium rifle is likely to drop them. And obviously, they don't HAVE to be used on Barsoom. You can drop them wherever you want - The Moons of Mapoor, The North Atlantic in a Nazis won WW2 'What If', Manhattan, whatever.