Mythos Society Guide to New England: Bonus Monster - Misshipesha

Clint Staples


The Lake Lurker, Dweller in Mist, 'The Great Under-Water Panther'

STR 45

CON 60

SIZ 70

INT 15

POW 43

DEX 20
Move 8/ 10 Swimming

HP 65

Damage Bonus: +5d6


Spines – 75%, 6d3; When successfully attacked in Melee, Misshipesha’s spines almost invariably strike the attacker in return. This happens automatically, regardless of how often the beast is struck.

Bite – 95%, 1d10 + Damage Bonus

Overturn – Misshipesha can match its total of STR and SIZ against the HP of the boat, to overturn it. Use the HP of vehicles of equivalent size in the rulebook to give you an idea of the siz of your boat.

Armor: Composed of equal parts inky mist and rigid spikes and scales, Misshipesha ignores the first 10 points of damage each round, and subtracts 8 Points from each damaging attack thereafter. At Zero Hit Points, Misshipesha’s physical form collapses into the water in a flood of foul, inky ichor. It cannot reform for 1d8 Hours.

Skills: Watery Stealth 85%, Hide 80%.

Spells - All at 100%: Attract Fish, Breath of the Deep, Command Spawn of Misshipesha [As Command Shark but specific to the offspring of Mishipesha.], Dream Vision, Raise Night Fog,

Occasionally, Misshipesha might grant spells to those who serve it on some way.

Sanity Loss: Lose 1d6/1d20 Sanity Points on seeing Misshipesha.

Sometimes, no matter what you want, you can't get everything you want into a book. Thus it was with monster write-ups. There was just so much stuff to cover in the tMSGtNE that we couldn't put in all the cool extras. The header image is 'Mishipeshu' by etchpea.

So here is, hopefully, the first of several tie-in articles for The Mythos Society Guide to New England, in which we enhance or add to the stuff you get in the book.

First up: Misshipesha, The Lake Lurker, Dweller in Mist, 'The Great Under-Water Panther'.

Misshipesha is a powerful and sinister spirit of turbulent waters, and an enemy of man. In tales from the native tribes of the Great Lakes region it was the foe of Thunderbird. There it hoarded copper deposits jealously, killing any who would harvest the metal. In at least one of these tales, it claimed to have offspring.

Misshipesha is described as a large, horned and bearded four-legged creature resembling a panther or lynxin body shape. Its back and its long tail were covered in spikes and thick scales like an alligator.

Offspring of Misshipesha would have all attributes, armor, percentiles and damages at half. These spawn of Misshipesha would still be formidable.