Mute - Runequestified for RQ Thursday as Silence/ Stifle!

Clint Staples

When Will Thrasher posted Mute for Pathfinder, I thought immediately that I had to write up a Runequest version.


Lo, and Behold! I already had!


A lot of spells in A New Sorcery are constructed around the control of two opposing concepts, which sort of makes that one spell into two spells. Fire/ Frost grants the ability to conjure an area of Fire, or an area of Ice, according to the needs of the sorcerer at the time of casting.


Other such 'dual' spells grant control over a single concept in both an offensive and defensive capacity, again making for two spells in one, and again its use determined when cast. Silence / Stifle is on of the these.


Silence / Stifle [Air, Man]                 Range – touch             POW check - Yes?

Cost to Learn – 500L

Magnitude – Variable

Duration - 1 Round    

One target is absolutely silenced for a single round, including the ability to speak [and thus cast spells, though not necessarily the use of magic items]. Listen checks to detect an affected target will fail automatically. When cast upon allies, the spell is called Silence. The sorcerer may instead cast the Stifle version of the spell upon an unwilling target, such as an enemy spellcaster, with a POW vs. POW check. Additional levels may silence or stifle additional targets and require additional POW contests, add a range of 10 yards per level, or may extend the duration according to the duration track. A single casting of the spell may Silence or Stifle, but not both.



Sangor knows he is unlikely to evade the trollkin with his miserable stealth skills, so he takes a moment to cast Silence upon himself, extending it by 2 POW to last 5 minutes. He races down the corridor without making a sound, right into the trollmother, who gestures with her witching stick and begins to incant. Unfortunately, Sangor cannot cast magic until his Silence is finished or dispelled. He turns and bolts down the original passage as the trollmother calls a shade to her side.


The Art - Mercurian Sorceress, by Enhkit. You can find Engkit's terrific art here.