Chris Van Deelen

No. Enc: 1
Alignment: Chaotic
Movement: 280' (80')
AC: 0
HD: 300
2 bashes, or 2 stomps, or 4 tentacle slaps, or 1 bite.
Damage:  35d6 / 35d6 or death / death, 26d6 / 26d6 / 26d6 / 26d6 or 45d6 and swallow whole
Save: L20
Morale: N/A
Hoard Class: Incidental

There are those in the wastelands who argue that these creatures are from the same twisted minds that created the various city-killer monsters. After all it is massive, standing at nearly two hundred feet in height and can soak up more damage than an entire armored division. Something so large should have no other purpose but to wreak havoc and destroy entire cities.

This creature is strictly water-based. It can come on shore, but it prefers to attack and deal death and destruction in the water. Its favorite prey, bar none, are ships. The larger the ship, the more gleefully the creature will attack. Often it will lay in wait, floating beneath the surface, enjoying the feel of the currents on its flesh until a ship passes over its resting spot. Here it will lash out with the four tentacles, which can easily reach an additional three hundred feet, and wrap around the ship. Sometimes it will squeeze until the ship explodes into splinters and debris, other times it will just pull the ship into the depths, and use its tentacles to snatch corpses from the wreck to snack on – or grab them as they attempt to swim to the surface.

As these creatures go, it is not certain if they are intelligent or not. They seem to be more animal and run on pure instinct – need for sleep, food and so forth. No one has figured out how many of these creatures there are. Some believe there is but one, as there have never been more encountered, and there have never been multiple encounters occurring at the same time.

Originally they were spotted in the Mediterranean, but since the end of the final wars, this beast has been spotted moving steadily east. It has been encountered in the Indian ocean, around Japan and the Philippines, up as far north as the Bering Strait, and then further south along the Alaskan coastline. The last time it was seen was in the area around Vancouver, but decades have passed. It is believed that the creature may have been somehow destroyed or killed during the last encounter, where an Antimatter bomb had been dropped on it.

There are those who believe that the creature is simply healing the wounds it suffered during the last encounter and that it will be making an appearance soon enough.

When it is engaged in combat, the monster has no finesse, it simply uses brute force to damage and destroy as much as possible. It will use its tentacles to pull ships from the surface and place them in a watery grave. Sometimes it will even use the ships it captures in such a manner as projectiles, throwing them great distances at other ships, taking great delight in the destruction it causes.

Due to its size, the creature is fully capable of eating other creatures whole. Anyone gabbed by the monster and popped into it mouth will have only 3 rounds to possibly escape - if they cannot do so by then, unless they have breathing apparatuses and are immune to acid, they will be killed once swallowed.

Mutations: Aberrant form (new body parts), gigantism.

Source: Clash of the Titans (2010)