Chris Van Deelen

Number Encountered: 1d6
Movement: 90' (30')
30’ Vertical jump
AC: -1
HD: 10
Attacks: 1 (weapon) or 2 punches
Damage: By weapon (if a melee weapon add 3d6) or 1d8 + 3d6 / 1d8 + 3d6
Save: L10
Morale: 7

Legend has it that the Hunters have been visiting earth for hundreds of years, singling out individuals and small groups to use as literal prey. Although very few creatures know of these hunters because the presence of the hunters was always kept secret by the government in the various countries that they appeared in.

These creatures are an alien species that is very war-like and who’s culture is based around the hunt.

Physically hunters are very imposing creatures. The shortest of their kind stand at around 6’5” in height and weigh in excess of 250 pounds. The average hunter stands about 8’ and weighs in at around 400 pounds, all muscle, no fat. The skin of the creature is almost reptilian appearing and is typically a mottled green. The heads are the most frightening aspect of the monster, and make no mistake, the hunters are monsters. The mouth is covered by a pair of mandible like structures that open when the creature roars to reveal a smaller mouth filled with sharp pointed teeth.

The eyes are sunk deep in the skull, which is quite large, and it has a series of dread lock-like growths on either side of the skull. The hands are powerful and end in sharp talons, as do both feet.

No one knows if there are any females, or if the creatures are somehow asexual, as the few times they have been encountered the creatures have always been male. It is speculated that the females are kept onboard the ships to take care of the young and it is speculated that they also act as support, taking care of maintenance and so forth. No one has ever been able to find out the truth, as the few foolhardy that have attempted to sneak aboard one of their ships has never been heard from again.

As it has been stated, Hunters are a species of alien that lives only for the hunt. Humans were near the top of the list of creatures that the Hunters liked to toy with. They would never take on weak prey, only those who they deemed worthy would be stalked. This was almost always members of various military Special Forces around the globe. 

However, these aliens have another creature that they prefer to hunt, above all others, the Xenomorphs. Some of the files that have been hidden away from the general public is that they had a hidden game-preserve in the Antarctic, which was destroyed when a group of scientists discovered the base, a mile beneath the crust. It lead to an infestation in a small town in the United States that had to be sterilized using nuclear weapons. Offworld these hunters have many such preserves and breed the Xenomorphs strictly for the hunt, as they make excellent targets and are often used as a rite of passage to adulthood by the younger members of the species. 

Most of the time the Hunters would win. Most of the time….

In a stand-up, one-on-one fight, the hunters are imposing and dangerous. They are incredibly strong and can usually make short work of most human targets they run into during their hunt. In fact, they prefer one on one fight like this, unless their target is exceptionally well armed.

When it comes to well-armed and armored targets, the Hunters have a wide variety of weapons and defenses to use.

First, the hunters have a special cloaking device that allows them to remain invisible. This acts as chameleon epidermis for game terms. As long as they remain perfectly still, they more often than not will not initially be seen, although this cloaking device does ripple and cause distortion, so it can occasionally be spotted.  The downside to this cloaking device is that it is rendered inoperable by exposure to water, including rain.

Secondly, they have many different weapons to use. First, and by far their favorite, are wrist blades that extend from special sheathes. These dual blades can be as small as daggers (doing 1d4 plus the strength bonus), up to long sword (doing 1d8 plus the strength bonus).

They also employ large staves that can double as spears. These staves do 1d10 points of damage plus the strength bonus when wielded like staves, whereas if used like a spear, they cause 1d6 but also get the strength bonus if they’re thrown within 30’ of their location.

The hunters also use a large razor sharp disk with great efficiency. This weapon, when thrown has a range of 250’ and the edges are a molecule thick, so it will do 5d6 damage, and if the hunter rolls a natural 20, will decapitate a creature, killing it instantly. The target is allowed a save versus death to avoid the instant death. If the target saves, it still takes 5d6 damage.

Occasionally they will have to deal with multiple targets at once. When this is the case, the Hunters will use a deadly net. This net has a range of only 50’ and is treated like a ranged attack, but when used, the target is allowed a dexterity check (rolling under the targets dexterity to avoid being hit by the net). If the check fails, the target becomes ensnared by the net. The target is rendered immobile and can only use mental attacks until it is released. But that is the least of their problems. Each round they are ensnared by the net, the razor sharp strands cut the target. It is treated like a melee attack and if the attack succeeds, the target takes 2d6 points of damage every turn.

The net can but pulled off by strength versus strength roll, with the net having strength of 18 for this purpose.

Lastly, and some would say the deadliest weapon that is available to the Hunter is their plasma caster.

This device is attached to the shoulder armour of the hunter and has 12 shots at a time. The hunter aims the device by using a special laser that appears as a trio of red dots on the target, and gives the hunter a +4 to hit, although it can also snap fire the weapon but if it does this it doesn’t gain the bonus to hit.

The Plasma caster does 8d6 points of heat based damage and any weapon or armour it strikes has to make a save against death (using the targets saving throw) or lose 1d4 condition levels.

Any time the Hunter is injured in combat, it will attempt to escape. It is not running away, it simply is engaging in a tactical retreat so that it can use its technology to heal its injuries. Once the hunter is reduced to half its hit points it will do this. The healing takes 4 rounds and will bring the hunter back up to full hit points.

These creatures don’t want their technology to fall into the hands of those they consider primitive, so any time that a hunter is reduced to zero or less hit points, it will automatically activate a self-destruct system on its weapons.

The counter will give anyone in range 2 rounds to get clear. Anything still in the radius will have to save against energy attacks or suffer 20d6 damage when the weapons and equipment explode.

One other item that the hunters use is a voice synthesizer. This device allows them to mimic the voice of anything they hear in order to use it as a potential trap, hoping to distract or lead others into an optimal kill zone.

Hunters value skill and bravery above all else. They will consider it a great honour to go one on one with a clearly powerful foe, even if it means their own death. They however don’t think it will come to this as the aliens are very overconfident.

They also have a specific code. They will not harm youngsters, nor will they kill any female that is pregnant, unless these threats are a clear and present danger and will lead to their impending deaths.

They have also been known to use knock out gas and other similar devices when they are looking for targets to take off world to a literal hunting preserve. These creatures that are taken off planet are never heard from again.

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