Heway (BASH Fantasy: Monster Conversion) for Men and Monsters of Ethiopia!

Clint Staples

B3           A3            M1

100 Hits/ 15 Soak -1x3 to hit, -1x5 Defend

As Minion: 50 Hits/15 Soak 18 Attack 30 Defend

Powers: [16]

  • Size 1 (+5 Brawn rolls, Damage, Soak; -1 Dice Penalty to hit, defend, Agility)
  • Bite: Natural Weapons 1 (x4+5 Dmg, also Continual Damage x4 if the bite penetrates target's Soak]
  • Squirt Venom: Range 5, x4 Continual Damage
  • Contamination: Poisonous Water: Large Burst (x4 damage if drunk; swimming characters may roll Evade or Soak to avoid taking in the poison. Water flowing from the area can carry the poison, but it is diluted with distance. Outside the initial area, damage is x3. In streams etc that flow from the area, damage is x2.
  • Hide: Toughness 1 (15 Soak)
  • Aquatic 1 (Move 6 in water)

Skills: Stealth/Hide, Athletics/ Swim, Outdoor/Tracking
Advantage: Non-Sentience

14 Stats + 16 Powers = 28 Points -2 Minionized

Note: Text borrowed (gratefully, and with permission) from Michael O. Varhola's 5E Dungeons & Dragons version of the Heway.


The Heway is a large, often antagonistic snake that can squirt venom out of glands located near its eyes, giving rise to the popular description of it having a poisonous gaze. While the Heway can also bite prey in combat it does not have fangs and its teeth are not poisonous. 

Heways especially relish making their lairs in places like ruins or villages where everyone has been killed or driven off by them and their tendency to poison nearby water sources. Only one Heway will typically be encountered outside of its lair but in their home up to two might be encountered and, in this case, there is also a 30% chance that there will be 2-5 eggs. Most people consider these serpents to be malignant enough that they will simply insist on destroying their eggs, but there might be a market for them among particularly vile individuals (e.g., an evil spellcaster). Heways do not actively collect treasure but the valuables of those they have slain or chased away might be found in their lairs.