Chris Van Deelen

No. Enc: 1d6 or 5d20
Alignment:  Neutral
Movement: 90' (30')
AC: 5
HD: 9
Attacks: up to four
Damage: by weapon type
Save: L12
Morale: 8
Hoard Class: 2d4 weapons, 1d4 high tech melee weapons (35%), 1d3 high tech firearms (35%), 1d6 primitive firearms (70%), VI, VIII (x2, 60%), XV, XXII (55% communities only)

Many mutants in the wastes have multiple body parts, and more often than not they possess multiple heads. This particular mutant is quite unusual in the fact that it has two torsos, four arms, and two heads attached to a pair of legs. The Torsos are joined at the hips and face away from one another.

These beings are as intelligent as typical humans, and can be found anywhere mutants are accepted. They do have their own enclaves, which can be located in any terrain and climate. Like many humans, these creatures’ personalities as well as morals and ethics run the gamut, from good, decent folks to the most vile and perverse creatures one could ever encounter.

They do make excellent warriors, although unlike many war-like species which can be found in the wastelands, these beings do not particularly revel in it. They do not even bother hiring out as mercenaries, preferring to use their skills to protect their homes and families.

If and when they are forced to engage in combat, they are quite formidable. They are quite adept at combat and can use all manner of weapons, although due to their body structure, they are often incapable of using any sort of artifact armor, unless it is somehow modified for them. They often use different types of weapons while fighting, where one torso will wield melee weapons, the other will use ranged weapons. These beings are able to use four one-handed weapons at once, or two two-handed weapons. Note the beings automatically gain a +1 to hit and +3 per dice damage with any weapon they us, and due to their natural Dexterity, they gain a +4 to hit with any ranged weapon, but the +3 per dice damage remains unchanged.

During combat they are able to generate a powerful force-field around their bodies, which makes harming them all that more difficult. If someone believes using mental mutations against these beings will help turn the tide, they are in for a nasty surprise. Each head is capable of defending against such attacks, each having its own Will Power score. All attacks will be made against the weakest score first, and if that succeeds a second attack roll against the higher score must be made. If it succeeds, only then does the attack punch through and affect the beings. The first head will have a Will Power score of 8+1d8, the other will have 12+1d6.

They are also very family oriented, and fully expect their young to find mates and start families of their own once they have reached sexual maturity. Due to their un-usual structure, the female members of the species will always become pregnant in both torso’s, and these creatures have the same gestation period as regular humans, although multiple births from a single torso are completely unheard of.

They are fiercely loyal towards their family, and never have to make moral checks when it comes to defending their families or those they are related to. They will also fight to the death when it comes to family, and will track down anyone who has harmed direct family members in order to extract revenge.

One major difference is they are also willing to listen to those they are tracking, and if they learn the attack on a family member was justified (which is not all that common), they may spare the lives of those who have harmed members. This will only occur if the person being hunted can prove beyond a shadow of a doubt they were justified in their actions.

Mutations: Aberrant form (extra parts), ambidexterity, combat empathy, dual headed, force screen – greater, increased physical attributes (Dexterity)

Source: Wrath of the Titans (2012)