Chris Van Deelen

No. Enc: 1d4 or 5d100 in communities
Alignment: Lawful
Movement: 90’ (30’) ground
                     150’ (50’) flying
Armor Class: By armor or 3 (at night)
Hit Dice: 14
Attacks: 2 weapons or 2 claws and horns (night only)
Damage: by weapon or 1d6+3 / 1d6 +3 and 2d6+5
Save: L14
Morale: 11
Hoard Class: 1d2 suits of artifact armor, 1d3 high-tech weapons, V, VII


At first glance, these mutant creatures appear to be human. They are usually tall and powerfully built, although the females look slightly smaller and are more lithe than muscular. During the night however, they change their form. They become bestial with large wings, tail and a demonic visage, and their skin becomes as hard as stone, although it does not hamper their ability to move.

They were originally called Gargoyles by those who initially encountered them, and were of course insulted by the name, but eventually took an abbreviated version of the word and use it to describe themselves.

These creatures believe that they have existed since time immemorial, although there are plenty, including wasteland scholars that say it simply is not so. They are nothing more than mutant humanoids that have managed to create an elaborate backstory to explain their existence.

They consider themselves to be the world’s defenders against the incursion of demons and evil beings bent on bringing hell to Earth, and fully believe that the Final wars was the result of their failure. As such they continue to wage their war against those who they consider to be evil.

This is a rocky slope for them, as they can detect the bad intentions of those around them, but also judge a person strictly on their physical appearance. More than one innocent mutant has been put to death as they had the appearance that these beings associate with demons.

As a society they live in a very strict hierarchy, with a single ‘queen’ ruling over the entire community. She is the military and spiritual leader of the group, always leading them into battle against the forces of darkness and then preaching and teaching them during times of peace about the glory of god and his wisdom and the way he wants them to cleanse the world in order to bring peace once and for all and to forever close the gates to hell.

Enclaves of these beings are found all over the globe, typically inside once-ruins that they have taken over and rebuilt from the ground up. They are always heavily armed and wear high-tech armor, which has been modified to look like medieval suits of plate and chain. They also prefer to use high-tech melee weapons such as vibro-blades, but are not adverse to using firearms of any type.

They are more than willing to trade and deal with humans and humanoids, but as long as they are pure of thought and soul - these creatures are empathic and can easily detect hostile intent, which they will always meet in kind. They do not hold fear against others, as they just assume it is the natural state in which most beings view them.

However they consider androids, robots, synthetics and replicants to be the tools of the devil and will never deal with these beings. They also have a strong hatred for any being with red skin, small horns and spiked tails, as well as anyone possessing leathery bat-like wings. It does not matter if these aberrations were caused via radiation, they will automatically assume they are the spawn of Satan and will attack without hesitation and will do everything they can to kill the unfortunate soul.

This has led to major conflicts with communities of mutants over the decades and has garnered these creatures a bad reputation. They will always attack such beings and will never parlay or listen to reason.

During the daytime, they are protected by the armor they craft and the weapons they use. They are still fully empathic and can sense the evil intentions of those around them, which they will use as an excuse to attack and kill them. During the night, their bodies change and they are forced to discard their armor, as it will no longer fit properly, although there are many who have two sets of armor, one for each form. They gain a natural damage reduction against all piercing and slashing weapons of 15 during the night, and are immune to any gas-based attacks. They also gain a natural claw and horn attack during this time and are capable of flying.

It has been pointed out to them that their night-form is very similar to that of the creatures they attack and kill without giving them a chance, but they claim this was an intentionally inflicted upon them by god, to never allow them to forget what they are fighting for. They claim that once the gates to hell have been closed, they will never take that form again and will finally be free to live their lives.

They have the same needs and desires as regular humans, and often will engage in acts of sex with humans, but are incapable of producing offspring. The only way they can have children is with members of their own species. The women conceive the same way regular humans do, and the children grow at the same rate.

Those who interact with these beings find them to be very stoic and humorless and downright cold. They are always watching and judging the actions of those around them, and will often attack without provocation at even the smallest slight. They believe strongly in honor and have a code of their own, but will often break this code when it suits them, citing that the being they are attacking is in league with the devil.

Mutations: Aberrant form (natural weapons), metamorph (modified)

Source: I, Frankenstein (2014)