Flytrap, Gargantuan

Chris Van Deelen

No. Enc: 1
Alignment:  Chaotic
Movement: N/A
AC: See Below
HD: 1-20
Attacks: 1 vine, 1 bite
Damage: See Below
Save: L 1-20
Morale: 11
Hoard Class: VII, XXII (x3, 80% for coin, 75% for items)

These gargantuan and highly intelligent mutated plants are thankfully rare and exceedingly dangerous. If it was not for the fact that they are completely immobile they would pose a serious threat to the world.

The plants, as stated, are highly intelligent and are fully capable of speech. They are smooth talkers and can be shockingly persuasive when it comes to luring prey or potential servants close enough to work their magic. Due to their immobility, they require mobile servants to lure or bring them food. These mutant plants are not picky, they will gladly feast upon dead as well as the living, but do prefer their meals to be alive and kicking when they eat.

When they encounter intelligent creatures, they use a combination of pheromones and a form of parasitic control in order to sway a target into becoming a servant. The pheromones they produce are powerful, and give the creature an automatic -4 to their reaction. The pheromones have a radius of 200 feet and anyone coming within the radius must make a saving throw versus poison or be drawn towards the plant. Here the plant will either attack with their vines (they have a range of 55 feet), or begin to speak to the victim, talking sweetly and offering to help with any problem the lured prey might have.

If it is a single target, the creature will use its vines to gently grasp and maintain physical contact with the victim. At this time the victim is allowed another saving throw versus death. For each round the creature has contact (per vine!) the victim has a -1 cumulative to the saving throw until the save fails. Even if it succeeds, the plant will try to maintain a touch in order to eventually take control of the victim. A save just means the victim is safe for that particular round.

Once the creature has control of the victim, it will retain control over the victim until it or the victim dies. During this time it will use the victim to either lure food to it, or go out and use the victim to kill creatures for it to feed upon. If the victim turns out to be a poor candidate for this task, the creature will simply attempt to take control of a stronger servant, and then devour the previous servant.

When food is brought to it, the creature will strike out with all its vines and attempt to pull the target in to consume it. Each vine will grapple with the victim, and will have Strength equal to the hit-dice of the creature. The largest the creature will grow to is 20 hit dice. If all three vines hit the victim, the target must attempt to break three different grapples in order to break free. At this time the creature will attempt to take control of the victim in the same manner as it would to create a new servant. If this succeeds, then it will force the newly created servant to willingly come into bite distance or even crawl into the creature’s mouth to be consumed without a fight.

Otherwise if the plant rolls a natural 18-20, the victim is swallowed whole (see the below chart for the maximum size of creature the plant can consume at this point). For each round the victim is trapped inside the plant, its suffers 4d6 points of acid damage. Items must make a saving throw versus acid or take 1d3-1 condition levels of damage per round. Anyone so trapped can escape by cutting through the plant, inflicting at least 20% of the plants total hit-points using slashing weapons.

This will just piss the plant off.

Over time the mutant plant will accumulate a great deal of wealth and treasure from its previous victims, and often will arm or allow a servant to use these in the procurement of fresh food, as these creatures seem to be always hungry.

For every 20 hit-dice (or points of Constitution) worth of food they consume, they will grow one hit-dice, until they reach their maximum size of 20 hit dice. At this point they will spawn 1 bud per 2 hit dice of food consumed afterwards. The parent will want to get rid of these buds as soon as possible, and will use their servant to take the buds and plant them in the ground near a location frequented by other humanoids, allowing the buds to seek out servants of their own to transport them even further. Not many survive this process, which has kept the species in check.

Hit Dice



Vine Damage

Bite Damage


Size to be consumed














Up to small







Up to medium







Up to medium







Up to large

Mutations: Aberrant form (new body parts – vocal cords), gigantism, natural vegetal weapons parasitic control (modified) pheromones.

Source: Little Shop of Horrors