Feat 'Runequestified' - Rugged!

Clint Staples

Mike Varhola just posted a feat for d20 games: Rugged, based on his own experiences and his extensive reading of sword & sorcery staples like Conan, Kull, and Fafrd and the Grey Mouser in which minor, often bloody injuries are often little more than nuisances to the protagonist. I won't repeat his thought process, you should read that yourself. But I will run the feat through the Runequestifier and see how it looks.


Here goes:

Rugged: Prerequisites –SIZ 12, CON 14, either one Weapon Attack of 70%, or the Feat of Arms – Might

Cost: 6 Hero Points, You must train under someone with this feat at least half time for 1d3 seasons, OR you must have ‘adventurered’ for at least 5 years.

When you take this feat of arms, immediately raise your Total Hit Points by 1. This may increase the number of HP you have by location as well. In addition, whenever you take damage, reduce the amount of damage that you apply to your total Hit Points by 1, regardless of any other protections you have. So if you are struck for 5 Points by a sword in the leg, you would only take 4 Points against your total Hit Points.

You may take this Feat of Arms more than once, but each time the Number of Hero Points you must pay goes up by 2, and you must have a single weapon attack at +30% over the previous level of the feat [whether that was the prerequisite you ‘used’ or not].


Hraerek Skullsplitter has 16 HP and takes the Rugged feat of arms. His Total Hit Points rise to 17, which moves him into the next category for Hit Points per location, raising each by one. Shortly afterward, he is caught in an ambush an struck by several arrows. Two arrows do only a single point of damage, inflicting minor 1 point wounds to his chest and left leg, but no damage ot his 17 Hit Points. The third arrow hits for 4 points in the right arm, which Hraerek's player notes by the location. But when noting it against his Total Hit Points, he writes down 3 damage. Another character might have suffered 6 damage to his total Hit Points, but Hraerek only suffers 3. He still has the minor wounds to all three locations, and that makes those locations more susceptible to being taken out with successice hits. But Hraerek is not thinking about that. He charges, eager to get his greataxe into reach.