Feat: Rugged

Michael O. Varhola
This feat was inspired by a number of disparate things, including minor injuries I have suffered while clambering around in the forested ravines around my home in Texas Hill Country and illustrations of Conan the barbarian showing him covered with dozens of cuts and slashes but apparently unaffected by them. 
Rugged [General]
A character with this Feat is unaffected by small minor wounds like cuts, scrapes, or bruises that might wear down less resilient characters. 
Prerequisite: Constitution 12. 
Benefit: A Rugged character has damage resistance 1 to any physical damage of 1 hit point or less. 
Special: This feat can be taken up to a number of times equal to the character's Constitution bonus. Each additional time the feat is taken it increases the amount of damage that can be shrugged off (e.g., a character with two slots of Rugged has damage resistance 2 to any damage of 2 hit points or less).