Chris Van Deelen

No. Enc: 2d4 (5d20 in communities)
Alignment: Neutral
Movement: 90’ (30’)
AC: 5
HD: 8
Attacks: See Description
Damage: See Description
Save: L8
Morale: 6
Hoard Class: I, II, III, VIII (Always 2d8 electrical gizmos) X, XII, XIII


These are a race of human mutants that have a special affinity with electricity and electrical devices. For the most part, they appear to be normal Pure Humans. They have the same height and weight differences and even their skin color can vary from individual to individual. The only thing is that they are bald. Even the females are bald.

It is when they are exposed to electricity that it becomes quite apparent that they are in fact mutants. The more electrical energy they are able to absorb and store in the body, the more they physically change. When they are fully charged with electrical energy, they become electric blue in color and veins of electricity constantly arch across their bodies, making even coming close to them a dangerous proposition at best.

For the most part, they are just like other people. They have dreams and desires, goals and they can be good, evil or something in between. Like regular humans, they have families and build lives and care for one another. Their mutation and affinity for electricity has proven a way for these mutants to make a living. They can charge power-cells, control the electrical currents in equipment and devices that use electricity and are more than adept at repairing electrical equipment. If fact, they are prodigies when it comes to that manner of equipment and can always figure out these types of technological devices.

When they are encountered, the mutants will always have 5d10 dice worth of electricity stored in their bodies. Once they have reached triple their hit dice (24) their skin turns blue and that is when it becomes obvious that they are not human. Every day they automatically gain their natural healing rate in electrical dice and there is no limit to the amount of dice they can store in their bodies.

Their powers when it comes to electricity is almost beyond measure. Even when they have used up their reserve of electricity, they can still call upon it from other sources to use. They can use their touch as a stun attack. Anyone who is touched by these mutants has to make a saving throw versus energy or suffer 1d6 electrical-based damage and are stunned for 2d10 rounds. If used against robotic units or other such constructs, the damage is 5d6 and the unit is forced into shut-down mode and cannot reboot for 1d6 turns. These mutants can use this at will and can easily turn it off if they do not wish to use it.

They can also choose to ‘fire’ electrical bolts at targets. This is considered a ranged attack and they can put up to 7 dice in each bolt. The damage is purely electrical in nature but does nothing else. This has a maximum range of 100 feet.

Another attack is that they can use up to 10 dice and create an electromagnetic burst. This will potentially damage electrical systems and robots. Robotic units and other constructs will suffer 10d6 electrical damage and equipment must save versus electricity (see Wisdom from the Wastelands issue 1: Artifacts, manuals and Toolkits for more information.) Any items that fail will suffer 1d4 condition levels damage. This burst effect has a maximum radius of 50 feet centered on the mutant creature.

They can also use the electricity in their bodies defensively. At any time they can turn on an electrical current, which travels over their skin. Anyone touching this will suffer 3d6 points of electrical damage. This uses 3 dice of their total reserve anytime someone touches them.

Although they typically use their electrical dice for these various attacks, they can also use it to ‘charge’ weapons they are holding. They can use up to 3 dice to add that many dice of electrical damage to any melee weapon they are holding. This is good for one single attack (assuming it hits) and the electricity is only discharged if it connects.

Yet another ability they possess is that they can effectively ‘teleport’ by using electrical currents. By touching a power-source such as live electrical wire, they can instantly travel from one point to another, even over hundreds or thousands of miles, as long as the power source they are touching is connected and uninterrupted. There is no limit to the number of times they can use this ability per day.

When they are getting low on power, they are able to drain electricity and energy from any power source. Each power source will provide a finite amount of dice they can drain. They are also immune to energy-based attacks except thermal and radiation. Any attack from an energy based weapon will recharge their internal batteries by 1 dice for every dice of damage. When there are no dice, only a fixed amount of damage, 6 points of damage will equal 1 dice. See the following chart for the number of dice that can be drained from a power source. These humanoids are able to drain 8+1d4 dice per round from any power source. Conversely, they can use their own electrical dice to recharge cells at the same rate.

Electrical devices are their slaves. Just by looking at an electrical device, they can control its functions or even cause it to shut down, or damage it. When they wish to damage a device, they must make a successful ranged attack. If the attack succeeds, the device is allowed a saving throw versus electricity. If it fails, the device takes 1d4+1 condition levels of damage. This is line of sight and is effectively unlimited range. Doing so will cost them 2d3+4 dice of stored electricity.

It should be noted that they do not like water or anything that could potentially ‘ground’ them. Exposure to water will drain 2d6 electrical dice per round of exposure, even though it does not harm them. The ML will have to come up with how other ‘grounding’ effects them, such as if they are exposed to rubber or plastic.

As already mentioned, they have an affinity with electrical objects and they can easily repair any electrical item they find. This will require 3 dice per condition level of damage to repair. Also they automatically figure out and know how to use electrical items by simply touching them. This can make these humanoid a great deal of money figuring out artifacts.

Mutations: Bizarre appearance, energy retaining cells (modified)

Source: Electro (Spider-man comics)

Chris Van Deelen is the author of the Skirmisher Publishing LLC sourcebook Creatures of the Tropical Wastes sourcebook, co-author of its Wisdom from the Wastelands game supplement and contributor to the 'Sword of Kos: Hekaton' Anthology.