Defects on the Brain: Three New Mental Defects

William T. Thrasher
An Abnormal Brain!

In the interest of creating some mental distortion in my current Pathfinder campaign, here are three new brain-based Defects in the grand tradition of the Jester' Dragon's Guide to Defects.


Concussive Amnesia [General]

Also known as Flintstone's Disease, sharp blows to the head tend to reorganize this character's personality.

Detriment: Whenever a character with this Defect takes damage from a blow to the head, they lose all memory of their true identity and take on a new personality with a randomly determined alignment. The alternate personality persists until this character takes another blow to the head that inflicts at least as much damage as the triggering blow. The characters skills, feats, and class abilities are unaffected.

Note: At the GM's discretion, the new personalty can have something to do with whatever the afflicted character is looking at when taking the blow to the head.


Delicious Brains [General]

It looks like grey matter, but it tastes like a sweetbread!

Prerequisite: Living creature with a brain.

Detriment: All NPCs - monstrous of otherwise - that consume brains (e.g., zombies, brainlashers, sophisticated cannibals, etc.) gain the benefit of the ranger's first level Favored Enemy class ability against characters with this Defect.


Psychic Magnet [General]

Your brain acts like a lightning rod for psionic energies.

Prerequisite: Cannot be immune or resistant to mind affecting effects.

Detriment: Whenever a mind affecting spell, spell-like ability, or psychic power originates from or targets a creature within 30 feet of you, there is a 50% chance it deviates from its intended target and target's you instead.