Deathclaw, Glowing

Chris Van Deelen

No. Enc: 1d2
Alignment:  Neutral
Movement: 150’ (50’)
AC: 1
HD: 24
Attacks: 3 (bite, claw, claw) or 3 (horn gore, claw , claw) or 1 (jump)
Damage:  1d12+4 / 3d10+4 / 3d10+4 or 2d12+4 / 3d10+4 / 3d10+4 or 5d10+4
Save: L20
Morale: 8
Hoard Class: XVI

As if the regular Deathclaw was not scary enough, being one of the apex predators in the wastelands, it has been discovered that an offshoot of this deadly creature has been spotted in the radioactive wastelands.

This new version of the creature is only one of several that have made an appearance in recent years, and some say is far more dangerous than the original monsters that to this day terrorize all manner of life throughout the wastes.

They are significantly larger than their cousins, and are tinged green, with glowing veins visible beneath the flesh. If the fact that they can rip apart a suit of powered armor with their bare talons to get at the juicy bits inside wasn’t terrifying enough, they constantly emit a field of class 5 radiation in a 30’ radius centered upon them.

Thankfully these radioactive terrors are found only where there are powerful sources of radiation, and this has led wasteland scholars to speculate that they are in fact further mutated versions of the regular monster, having been exposed to radiation and now cannot survive without it.

They can leave their radioactive zones for a short period of time, staying out to hunt for 1d6+4 hours. Once the time has passed, the creatures will begin to weaken. For every hour they are not exposed to harsh radiation, they will lose 1d4 hit dice and they can only strike once every second round, and all damage is at a -3 per dice. If they hit zero hit dice, they will die.

As soon as they are exposed to radiation, the lost hit dice will return at the rate of 1 per hour, and they will instantly regain their usual number of attacks and damage. Hitting these creatures with blasts of radiation will have two different effects. First is if they have suffered any damage, they will heal any damage they have sustained on a one for one basis. So if they are hit with class 6 radiation (which normally will inflict 6d6 damage on a failed saving throw), they will instead heal 6d6 damage.

If they are fully healed when they are hit with a radiation-based attack, the radiation will grant them an additional hit dice per class. So if someone foolishly hits them with a class 10 radiation blast, this will increase their hit dice by 10. They can only have up to double their normal hit dice through this method. When they sustain damage, the additional hit dice will be removed first, until all additional hit points are gone. If they do not sustain damage, the hit dice will eventually decrease at the rate of one per hour.

It is only radiation-based weapons that have this effect – just living in a hot-zone will not increase the hit dice they possess.

Other than this, they are the same in all aspects as their cousins.

Mutations: Aberrant form (natural weapons), chameleon epidermis (modified), energy retaining cell structure (modified), increased senses (hearing, sight, smell), thermal vision.

Source: Fallout 4 (2015)