d10 Potion Side Effects

William T. Thrasher
Drink me?

Alchemy isn't an exact science. If it was, it would be called chemistry. With all the eyes of newt, reagents, and imitation black lotus extract found in your average over-the-counter health potion, there are bound to be some unintended side effects. For those times when the apothecary rolls a critical failure on their potion brewing check, or when the adventurers resupply at that one sketchy shop in the bad quarter of town, here's a randomized table of potion side effects to inflict upon your players.

Unless otherwise noted, all side effects persists for 1d4 hours.


  1. Freaky Follicles: The character's hair turns a random, unnatural color. If the character is bald, the character grows long, flowing tresses that persist as long as the unnatural color.
  2. Vocal Discords: The character's voice changes, becoming high pitched, low pitched, disturbingly monotone, or the character looses their voice entirely.
  3. Bupkis Bits: The character looses all sexual function and becomes incapable of physical arousal.
  4. Sweat Swelter: The character's body temperature increases, leading to constant sweating.
  5. Ch-ch-chilly: The character's body temperature drops, causing their teeth to chatter and their body to shake, as if they were outside in the dead of winter without a coat.
  6. Stank Smells: The character's body odor becomes pungent and unnatural, smelling either like rotten eggs, compost, licorice, or roasting meat.
  7. Temporarily Toothless: The character starts to randomly loose teeth. The teeth all grow back the moment the side effects ware off.
  8. Gusty Gas: The character produces a billowing cloud of flatulence ever 2d6 minutes for as long as the side effects persist.
  9. Water Works: The character must empty their bladder or bowel (choose randomly) every 3d6 minutes for as long as side effects persist.
  10. Swine Snout: The character's noses changes into that of a pig.