d10 Infernal Special Effects

William T. Thrasher

We've unlocked the power of the arcane and been blessed by the divine, now it's time to delve into the infernal! What follows is a table of special effects for infernal spellcasters, from anti-paladins to clerics of darkness to cultists and demonologists. Roll once to give your sinister occultists a signature flourish, or roll each time a demonic spell is cast to add an unpredictable flare to the powers of darkness!


  1. Gathering Gloom: Within 30 feet of the spellcaster lights dim, candles blow out, fires burn low, and the sun itself seems to hide behind dark clouds.
  2. Burning Brimstone: The smell of brimstone, burning pitch, and other scents from the deepest hells fill the air. There is a 50% chance these scents are accompanied by whisps of thick black smoke emerging from the spellcaster of their target.
  3. Infernal Mien: For a fleeting second the flickering image of a grinning demon is superimposed upon the spellcaster. The more powerful the spell, the more solid the image appears and the longer it persists.
  4. Wailing of the Damned: The moaning voices of the lost and the damned fill the air. The more powerful the spell the louder and more distinct the voices, and the further they carry.
  5. Evil Eyes: The spellcaster's eyes burn like coals in the fires of hell, casting a sickly red glow.
  6. Fiendish Fissures: The ground at the spellcaster's feet cracks and splits, allowing the light and heat of the nether realms to project up from the depths. The more powerful the spell, the larger the cracks and the more infernal light, fire, and smoke pours forth.
  7. Icon Immolation: Holy symbols, icons, and other tokens of faith related to gods and powers opposed to the legions of hell glow red-hot, as if they were kindling in a blasphemous pyre. For low-level spells this effect is brief and illusory, but the more powerful the spell, the more real the resulting flames.
  8. Hounds of Hell: Flaming canine skulls appear, carrying ranged spell effects in their jaws toward the intended target or baying madly at the spellcaster's side for personal and touch-based spell effects.
  9. Backmasking: The spellcaster's voice becomes distorted, as if a recording of their voice were being played backwards. The more powerful the spell, the longer this effect persists. The spellcaster can still cast spells with verbal components when under the effect of this special effect.
  10. Blights: Plants wither, milk sours, food grows stale, and water becomes foul in the spellcaster's presence. The more powerful the spell, the wider ranging and more intense the blight.