d10 Druid Special Effects

William T. Thrasher

Magic comes in many flavors, and each sizzles in a special way. In past d10 articles we've looked at special effects for arcane spellcasters and divine spellcasters. Now it's time to turn our gaze to natural magic with special effects for druids. Roll on the table bellow to give your druid's magic unpredictable side effects whenever she casts a spell, or roll once to give each druid a unique signature that attends their supernatural workings.


  1. Wild Call: The druid's spells are accompanied by the calls of wild animals, from gentle birdsong for healing and restorative magic, to the frightful cries of fierce predators for more destructive spells.
  2. Wellspring: A natural spring forms at the druid's feet, causing water to babble and ripple at her feet. The water may be pure and cool or sulfurous and hot depending on the nature of the spell. When the casting ends, the spring vanishes.
  3. Nature's Veil: Animal features superimpose themselves over the druid for a fleeting moment, from stag's antlers to hawk's eyes, to the claws of a grizzly bear. The more powerful the spell, the more pronounced the features and the longer they persist.
  4. Gaia's Breath: Billowing winds swirl in the air around the druid. The wind is associated with whatever season most fits the spell, from the bitter winds of winder for spells related to death, to the flower-scented winds of spring for spells of healing and renewal.
  5. Grove Steps: Grasses, moss, and wildflowers spring up at the druid's feet, growing to maturity and crumbling into residual detritus through the course of the casting.
  6. Green Body: Patches of moss appear on the druid's skin, vines in her hair, and her skin takes on the appearance of wood and stone. The more powerful the spell, the more pronounced these features and the longer they persist.
  7. Treeblood: The druid bleeds from her eyes, mouth, or a preexisting wound. However, this blood takes the form of thick, amber sap.
  8. Springtime of Life: For a fleeting moment, the druid appears in the peak of her youth and health. If the druid is at her peak, her appearance becomes ideally exaggerated, like an embodiment of a god of the wild.
  9. World Root: The ground at the druid's feet buckles and churns, as if a massive root system was growing out from beneath her at a phenomenal rate. These "roots" appear to grow in the direction of the target of the spell.
  10. Bloom: Plants in the druid's presence bloom as if springtime had passed in a moment. The more powerful the spell, the more pronounced the blooms and the longer they persist.

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