d10 Divine Special Effects

William T. Thrasher

Last week we looked at Arcane Special Effects, random side effects and flare ups to make arcane spellcasting more memorable and fantastical. This week we're applying the same technique to divine spellcasting. Whenever the forces of Good and Light unleash their divine wrath or angelic mercies, just roll on the table below to determine what unusual occurrence accompanies the outpouring celestial power, or use it to give each Cleric and Paladin a signature side effect.


  1. Heaven Scent: The smell of incense wafts through the air. The scent corresponds to the incense used in the worship of the spellcaster's deity.
  2. Angel Down: Ivory-white feathers blown on an unseen wind surround the spellcaster in a 15' area. The feathers are as soft as a whisper against exposed skin. The feathers persist for as long as the spell effect or 1 hour, whichever comes first.
  3. Chorus Celestial: A choir of unseen voices sings a fragment of a song of praise in the liturgical language of the deity's clergy. The more powerful the spell, the more voices join the choir and the more of the song they sing.
  4. Halo: Divine light surrounds the spellcaster. Thought this light appears bright enough to hut the eyes, Good aligned beings find it pleasant to look upon and Evil aligned beings find it irritates their eyes. Even the blind can "see" this light.
  5. Stigmata: Blood flows from the eyes or hands of the spellcaster (equal chance of each). The blood vanishes in 1d4x rounds, leaving no trace that it was ever there. If the spellcaster's religion recognizes martyrs, the blood flows from a location corresponding to a martyr's wounds.
  6. Gate of Heaven: The clouds above part, sending down a shaft of light to fall upon the spellcaster. The more powerful the spell, the further the clouds part and the more light pours down. For the most powerful spells, those looking to the source of the light catch glimpses of the celestial realm though the parted clouds. If the spellcaster is inside or underground, the light passes through interposing barriers.
  7. Guardian Angel: The fleeting after-image of a celestial being manifests in the spellcaster's presence for a split second. The more powerful the spell, the more detailed and persistent the after-image.
  8. Divine Fire: Blazing flames that do not burn or consume emerge from the spellcaster's holy symbol. If the spellcaster does not possess a holy symbol, the flames emerge from her hands.
  9. Holy Words: Snippets of prayer written in a sacred language are written in the air above the spellcaster in light and fire. Those with the proper religious knowledge can decipher these words.
  10. Moment of Silence: For a fleeting moment, all sound ceases to exist within 30' of the spellcaster. This divine silence does not persist long enough for anyone to take advantage of it.