d10 Disease Symptoms

William T. Thrasher

Infections are inconveniencing at best and deadly at worst, and in your campaign the effects of disease - from filth fever to mummy rot - should be more palpable than a die roll penalty and a daily Fortitude save. With that in mind, we not continue our growing list of d10 tables with ten diseases symptoms to add more flavor and flare to infections in your campaign. Unless otherwise noted, all symptoms persist for as long as the character is infected.

  1. Wraithvoice - The infected creature's vocal chords are inflamed. The creature cannot speak louder than a rasping whisper. This can make bardic performances and casting spells with verbal components impossible.
  2. The Sweats - The creature sweats profusely regardless of their body temperature of the temperature of the environment. The require twice the normal amount of water each day to avoid risk of dehydration.
  3. Sinus Ooze - The creature's sinuses fill with mucus, packing its ears and nose. The creature loses its sense of smell and its hearing is severely impaired. Additionally, the mucus leaking from every hole in its head looks grody as hell!
  4. The Fiddlers - The creature's hands shake and swollen knuckles make it difficult to hold and manipulate object.
  5. Barking Sick - The character randomly coughs in loud, barking gusts. If the character is under physical exertion, these random coughs become outright coughing fits.
  6. The Reds - The character bleeds out of a random orifice. Choose randomly.
  7. Shivers - The character feels unnaturally cold, as if they were naked in a blizzard. The character suffers the effects of extreme cold regardless of their body temperature of the temperature of their environment.
  8. Lethargy - The creature has no energy. The creature must check for exhaustion after each hour spent doing anything more strenuous than resting abed.
  9. The Lankhmar Lopes - Every hour the creature must make a check vs disease. On a failed check, the character must evacuate their bowels in 1d6 rounds.
  10. Pox Pimples - The creature breaks out in fluid-filled sores. Roll 2d6, one to determine the sores color and the other to determine their contents. Color: 1. red, 2. green, 3. black, 4. pink, 5. brown, 6. glowing. Contents: 1. pus, 2. blood, 3. mucus, 4. worms, 5. sebum, 6. ectoplasm.