d10 Damaged Books

William T. Thrasher
If these pages could talk...

Are you ready to crack open a book book? Well, you're going to have to keep waiting. For those times when your adventurers uncover a large trove of tomes and you want something to go wrong, the mad mind behind 1d10 Potion Side Effects presents a table of all the things that can go wrong with books left moldering in a dungeon. When your heroes pick up that tome, get out your d10 and get rolling!

  1. The last chapter has been town out.
  2. Worms have eaten through the pages. Roll 1d100 to determine the percentage of readable text.
  3. The book was once pulled from a fire. It smells of ash, and singed pages mean the text on the outside edge of each page is obscured.
  4. The book is filled with typographical, spelling, and grammatical errors.
  5. The book has been stripped of its cover, leaving the spine and pages vulnerable to increase wear and tear, as well as environmental damage.
  6. The book features an ornate clasp which is rusted shut, making it difficult to open.
  7. The pages are stuck together with an unknown substance.
  8. The pages are stained. There is an equal chance the stains are coffee, blood, ichor, or all three.
  9. The book's cover is a false front. The pages bound within are actually the pages of a bawdy erotic novel of little scholarly interest.
  10. The book has no text at all, having been hollowed out to become the hiding place. There is a 50% chance whatever it was meant to conceal is currently stashed within.