d10 Bard Special Effects

William T. Thrasher

We've enlivened arcane magic and brought new, dark powers to the infernal. Now it's time to bring new flare to bards, the musical magical merrymakers who merge the highest and lowest of arts! Roll once on the table below to give your bard a signature flourish, or roll once each time a spell is cast to add improvisational spice to each bardic spell.


  1. Resonance: Within 60 feet of the bard panes of glass rattle, standing liquids ripple, metal vibrates, and fillings hum.
  2. Indiscreet Sheet Music: Lively bars and notes dance around the bard and her target. Those who can read music can learn about the bard and her sell by studying these notes.
  3. Concert: All musical instruments within 30 feet of the bard play of their own accord. For low level spells all instruments play a single tone, but the music grows in volume and complexity with the level of the spell cast.
  4. Backup Singers: Disembodied voices sing in concert with the bard. The higher the spell level, the more voices join in.
  5. Pet Sounds: Musical animals appropriate to the environment alight upon the bards shoulders and join him in song. Depending upon the environment, these animals could be anything from tropical songbirds to hissing cockroaches.
  6. Auto-Tune: All sounds, from the noise of battle to speaking voices, within 60 feet of the bard are perfectly pitched. The more powerful the spell, the more this effect lingers.
  7. Operetta: For one minute per spell level after casting a spell, the bard sings rather than speaks. If the bard's spell targeted another creature capable of speech, there is a 75% chance the target is compelled to sing as well.
  8. Backup Dancers: Phantom backup dancers appear around the bard and her target. The number of dancers increases, as does the complexity of their routine, proportionately with the power of the spell.
  9. Silencio: For a brief moment, all sound retreats except the bard's verbal and musical components, which can be heard with perfect clarity by everyone within 30 feet.
  10. Discordia: The bard's spell is accompanied by the sound of a band tuning up and generally noodling around on their instruments. The more powerful the spell, the larger the ensemble and the more annoying their tuning routine.