The Calydonian Boar for BASH Fantasy

Clint Staples

B 4           A 3            M 1

100 Hits/ 25 Soak           -1x3 to hit          -1x3 Defend

Move 9

Powers: [9]

  • Size 1 (+5 Brawn rolls, Damage, Soak; -1 Dice Penalty to hit, defend, Agility)
  • Tusks: Natural Weapons 2 (x6+5 Dmg)
  • Paired Weapons  – The Calydonian Boar can strike twice with its tusks, at -1 Dice Penalty to hit with each [Energy cost = 1 per turn it is used]
  • Divine Agent: Sense: Impropriety toward the Olympians
  • Boost Mind 2 for Divine Agent and Perception checks
  • Hide: Toughness 2 (20 Soak)


Skills: Stealth/Hide
Advantage: Blaze of Glory, Fearless, Non-Sentience

Energy: 10

16 Stats + 9 Powers = 25 Points

The words for this post gratefully filched from Skirmisher's Brendan Cass and Michael Varhola. Image is "Atalanta and Calydonian Boar" by the extremely talented dancingheron. The BASH Fantasy write-up is mine. If you want to use this as a non-Calydonian (normal) boar Minion-ize it:

  • Attack 18, Defense 18,  Hits 40, Soak 15;
  • Remove Divine Agent and Mind Boost.


The Calydonian Boar

Descended from a line of legendary boars that includes the first Calydonian Boar, the Crommyonian Sow, and the Erymanthian Boar slain by Herakles, these monsters are of massive proportion and strength and are often remembered for the destruction they bring to the lands they inhabit. Like the original beast sent by the goddess Artemis and slain, finally, by a band of the greatest heroes of the Olympian age, these boars are typically encountered in their capacity as agents of divine will. In the wild they are fiercely territorial and have a preternatural sense and hatred for beings that do not pay the appropriate respects to the gods.